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Planning Your Trip

The weather in St. Louis is as varied as the city’s offerings. Whether it’s business, a romantic getaway or a spa weekend that brings you here, the hotel’s experts have put together a list of must-pack items.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
What to Pack
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

Lacking mountains or an ocean to temper its climate, the area around St. Louis is subject to extreme weather. In summer, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must. In winter, be sure to have a very warm coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and plenty of warm socks. A light, packable down jacket or vest is a smart layer that does not take up much room in your suitcase, and insulated, waterproof boots with grippy traction soles are a must in snowy and icy conditions.

Business Travel

Preparation is key to packing light. St. Louis’ weather is notoriously fickle, so plan ahead and bring items that can pull double or triple duty. A raincoat and travel umbrella are musts.

Pack versatile pieces that can go from office to dinner with ease — a blue suit, white shirt, and brown or black shoes for men; a blazer, a couple of dresses, and comfortable shoes for women; a sleek pair of jeans for more casual companies. Be sure to pack your workout gear to take advantage of the hotel’s gym in your downtime.

Wear your suit jacket on the plane to save room — the hotel can press it for you later. Roll up belts and ties and pack them in your shoes, then place them in a dust bag for even more space.

For women, think multipurpose: a long scarf to wrap up in on the plane or dress up an evening look; chic mules you can slide into for a meeting or for dashing out of the security line faster.

Exploring the City

There is a lot of ground to cover in St. Louis, from cosmopolitan Clayton to the hipster enclave of The Loop to blues-soaked Soulard and the artsy Central West End. Here’s how to explore in style.

The weather in St. Louis might surprise you. Check the weather in advance … then check it again. Bring a travel umbrella, a raincoat, and a warm outer layer for just about any time of year.

A good pair of walking shoes is essential. If you have a stylish pair of sneakers to pair with your daytime ensembles, you can wear them for comfort on the plane and during your daily workouts, too.

Bring a hands-free tote, cross-body bag, or backpack to carry your essentials while you are on the go.  

Weekend Getaway

A little forethought is all that is needed to fit what you require into a simple weekend bag. Most people don’t use everything they pack, so err on the side of simplicity.

Bring season-appropriate basics that can be mixed together without much thought: a pair of jeans, a couple of collared shirts, and a sport coat for men; jeans, a couple of blouses, and a cocktail dress for women.

Bring shoes that are comfortable, and stylish and go with everything. For women, think of ankle boots and backless loafers. For men, weatherproof boots and minimalist sneakers are a good bet.

Take along sneakers and activewear for working out and outdoor adventures.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
What To Reserve
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

Modern travelers exploring the US will find themselves in St. Louis, MO, which means you won’t be alone in your wish to experience the city. Tickets to the City Museum, a concert at The Pageant, a visit to the Anheuser-Busch brewery, and a romantic couple’s massage at the hotel spa are among the must-reserve experiences for your visit.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

Whether St. Louis is simply a weekend stopover or the destination for your family vacation, there is plenty to explore in the “gateway to the West.” The hotel’s experts used their local knowledge to craft custom itineraries that sample popular experiences and hidden gems.