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Planning Your Trip

Just as Atlanta is home to an exciting diversity of activities, so too does it welcome a range of attire. Whether you arrive for a high-powered meeting, to indulge in the latest Southern cuisine or to explore the wealth of attractions just steps away from this five-star hotel, here is what should be in your suitcase.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image
What to Pack

Make sure to see what musicians are in town. Atlanta’s Fox Theatre is a stop on almost every major music act’s schedule, while the lower-key City Winery brings in legendary performers who want a more intimate setting for their solo performances.

Business Travel
  • Southern hospitality is Atlanta’s specialty, and you can return that graciousness by packing clothes that adhere to the city’s unofficial corporate dress code.

  • Though a stylish fit is always preferred, Atlanta embraces color and pattern. Bring on your gingham button-downs, square-checked suits and bright pocket squares.

  • Linen is a classic in the South, so feel free to pack classic khaki linen suits and shirts. Keeping cool is a top priority, and you will not be judged for creases.

  • Accessorize with a pair of neutral pumps and understated jewelry. Men can add a pair of nice cuff links for an extra sharp look.
Exploring the City
  • Atlanta recently debuted a new streetcar, a climate-controlled electric car whose 2.7-mile loop stops at some of downtown Atlanta’s biggest attractions. Be prepared  with this quick packing list.

  • A comfortable pair of flat shoes will help you navigate the city in style and safety. Some of the local museums suggest closed-toed shoes, so best to pack accordingly.

  • In late winter and early spring, temperatures can dip at night, so pack a light winter coat that can keep you insulated if cold weather comes into play.

  • Bring your running or walking shoes because no visitor should miss the Atlanta Beltline, an urban reconstruction project that transformed 22 miles of abandoned railroad lines into trails and parks.    
Weekend Getaway
  • Home to more sports stadiums than nearly any other town in the South and a plethora of beautiful parks, Atlanta welcomes you to explore its great outdoors. Tackle the weekend in style with these essential items.

  • Pack your baseball cap for a day at Truist Park, home of the beloved Atlanta Braves. The ballpark opened in 2017 with exciting dining outlets including Gu’s Dumplings and Fox Bros Bar-B-Q.
  • A stylish brunch is a must in the South. Men should pack pastel shirts and bright shorts; women might wear a bright dress or chic jumpsuit.

  • If you plan to spend a night out in fashionable Buckhead, bring your sharpest nighttime ensembles. Some clubs do not allow T-shirts, sneakers or shorts.   
Whale shark swimming with fish in a tank
Whale shark swimming with fish in a tank
What to Reserve

With so much to see and do in Atlanta, a little planning goes a long way. Here’s what you should book ahead, from meals that define your romantic getaway to day trips that take you out of the city and into unforgettable experiences.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image

It’s not hard to find inspiration for your visit to Atlanta, but it helps to organize activities in a way that maximizes the fun and minimizes the logistics. Here, we jumpstart the process for you with two options: One for a 24-hour, whirlwind tour; and another for a weekend getaway that hits all the highlights.