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Revitalize your mind and body at the Fitness Center


Fitness classes are $20 per person, per class unless otherwise noted below.  Classes are open to all levels and abilities.  Class offerings and times are subject to changes, and weather permitting.

  • Activate Stretch: Boost your heart rate and stimulate blood flow with an active stretching program designed to increase mobility and stability.
  • Aqua Blast: Total body, aquatic conditioning using the resistance of water to provide cardio, strength and flexibility training. 18 years and older.
  • Body Burn Circuit: Sport relevant exercises to improve speed, power, agility, mobility and coordination through strength and cardio.
  • Core Activation: Strengthening, mobility and stability of the core through alignment and release work.
  • HIIT It Circuit: Enhance your metabolism, increase acrobatic capacity, and burn fat with High Intense Interval Training at high altitude.
  • Mountainside Yoga: Breath-centered yoga that combines gentle, meditative movements,  stretches and deep healing for restoration.
  • Sun Circuit: Sweat in the sunshine on a guided outdoor fitness circuit utilizing equipment and bodyweight exercises (starting in June).
  • On The Ball: Improve alignment, postural awareness, stability and proprioception while balancing on a physioball.
  • Rock Hard Abs: 30 minutes devoted to sculpting your mid-section, hitting obliques, postural muscles of the mid and low back and of course that 6-pack.  Complimentary
  • Roll and Release: Improve balance, core strength and stability while releasing muscular tension and increasing flexibility on the foam roller.  Complimentary
  • Virtual Spin: Choose from rides in the Italian or French countryside or the hills of Hawaii. See the Spa Front Desk  for an exciting virtual spin experience.  Complimentary
  • Virtual Yoga: Choose from a selection of Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Fusion, Ashtanga or Power Yoga. See the Spa Front Desk for options.  Complimentary

Fitness classes are available for groups or individuals, and can be modified to accommodate any fitness level or pace. Advance reservations are recommended. Classes are taught by experienced mind and body fitness instructors. Class schedules vary weekly and printed copies for your viewing are available at the Fitness Center, Spa or by request.


Achieve your personal fitness goals with a customized one-on-one workout led by a personal trainer. Each session will be designed to effectively target your desired results, using a combination of cardio, core strength and flexibility training.

$75 per hour. Advance reservations are required.