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Indulge in exclusive new treatments at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.


This uniquely therapeutic treatment calms both the skin and the soul with a restorative and healing journey. Using guided breathing, visualization and a soothing warm herbal poultice massage on the face, scalp, hands and feet the spirit and the complexion are left in a wonderfully blissful state.

80 min | $285


Bring healing and wellness to the mind, body & soul with this unique transformative treatment that creates a state of pure bliss. Guided breathing and visualization together with a deeply therapeutic Salt Stone and Rose Quartz Crystal massage releases physical tension and relaxes the mind to embrace the art of letting go.

80 min | $285


Targeting deep seated muscular pain and restoring comfort and supple movement with active stretching, this deep muscle massage uses hot stones and a fortifying oil on the neck, shoulders and back to instantly alleviate deep-seated tension and provide lasting relief so you feel a calming sense of wellbeing.

80 min | $285


Combining a wellness boosting detoxifying algae wrap, cleansing exfoliation and sculpting body massage to help tone and firm skin. This treatment targets areas prone to cellulite and fluid retention, stimulates circulation and smooths skins texture. A course of treatments is recommended to maximize the effects.  

100 min | $345


This health boosting treatment has a cleansing effect on the body and mind, using warm herbal poultices to provide warmth to the muscles and joints while boosting circulation with stimulating exfoliation. Immerse on this massage and a choice of either a facial or scalp massage.

80 min $285


This specialized facial is the complete approach to skin health using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt and relax. Powerful age defying techniques inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, along with cool and smooth Jade rollers that facilitate lymphatic drainage and provide results, leaving the skin firm, lifted and beautifully radiant.

80 min | $295

Treat your skin to our new Coconut Body Polish.  The delicious aroma of coconut and the gentle exfoliation of organic sugar will leave your skin soft and smooth.  An application of Kukui Nut and coconut oil will penetrate deep into the skin to moisturize and stimulate blood flow for the growth of new cells. Your skin will be refreshed and renewed.

80 Minutes | $280

For those seeking to improve wrinkles, The Ritz-Carlton Spa has the perfect treatment. Improve elasticity and radiance with our Coconut Facial. Antioxidants found in coconut oil brighten and rejuvenate your overall appearance for a more youthful look and feel.

80 Minutes | $275

Treat yourself to any two of the following to help revive sore muscles, nourish skin and restore your vitality..

50-minute Relaxation Massage
50-minute Nourish Glow
50-minute Custom Facial

100 Minutes, starting at $350 per person