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Rewarding Events 


Rewarding Events is designed to reward our members for the events and meetings they hold at The Ritz-Carlton Montreal and in all Marriott hotels.

Rewarding Events allows to cumulate either points or miles according to your preferences:

Points Option:

3 points for every U.S. dollar of actualized revenue – up to 50,000 points maximum per event

Miles Option:

1 mile for every U.S dollar of actualized revenue – up to 15,000 miles maximum per event

In addition, to express our gratitude you will personally receive the Silver Elite status and all the exclusive benefits that come with it. Those benefits consist in exclusive offers, Elite rewardings, a free dedicated phone line for bookings, a privileged customer service, late check-out according to availability and discount in Ritz-Carlton gift shops.

The status varies as indicated below:

          Silver Elite - 1 meeting or events

          Gold Elite - 5 meetings or events

          Platinum Elite - 8 meetings or events

Who Receives points or miles on guest rooms?

The person in charge of the regulation or the contract’s signatory. In some cases, the points or miles can be split between two people.

Qualified Events

  • Must have a signed sales/catering contract
  • Account number must be included on contract in Rewarding Events clause

Qualifying Revenue

  • Guest Room (10+ rooms must actualize on at least one night)
  • Meeting Room Rental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Ancillary Revenues (room-service, minibar, and all other added services)

Non-Qualifying Revenue

  • Taxes
  • Service Charges
  • Gratuities
  • Resort Fees

Eligible Members

The “contact” listed on the first page of the contract OR the authorized signatory of the contract. (Points or miles may be split between two members, but only one currency can be chosen per posting, and only one name may be on the contract.)

How to use points or miles cumulate thanks to this Rewarding Events program?

There are a lot of ways to use your points, including allowing you to obtain:

  • Free nights at more than 4,000 participating hotels comprising 16 brands in 70 different countries
  • Free flights with over 30 airline partners
  • Rental cars with Hertz
  • International cruises, shopping sessions in the most prestigious boutiques and Marriott gift cards 
  • Access to the spa, the golf courses and fine dining
  • Gift certificates Marriott Meeting funds to use for your next event or your next meeting

For example, in 2016 staying one night at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal will require 60,000 points.