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Aerial view of a pier, surrounded by lush greenery, leading to the ocean

Romantic Getaways

The refreshing Caribbean breeze, the finest white sand, water so clear you can see the ocean floor — Aruba is one of the dreamiest islands you could visit, but the destination has much more than peaceful beaches to experience with your partner. Explore colorful and charming neighborhoods. Hike in the national park with caves, ruins and picturesque island scenes. Dine on feasts of the freshest seafood, prepared Dutch-Caribbean style. And after a day in the sun, retire to your luxurious accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

Blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea at the hotel



  • Breakfast, Dutch-Style

    The namesake flapjacks at Linda’s Dutch Pancakes are famous on the island. Addictively delicious, the generously sized eggy pancakes are pan-fried thin with crispy edges and topped with your choice of bananas, strawberries or chocolate.

  • Visit a Secluded and Beautiful Beach.

    Getting to Andicuri Beach takes a short mile-long hike, but those who put in the time are rewarded with what is considered by many to be the most peaceful and stunning of Aruba’s beaches. The cove is bordered by a limestone cliff that provides a bit of shade.  

  • Lunch with a View.

    Book a private cabana at the beach and enjoy an ocean-side dining from Madero Latin Grill at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba. Dine on fish tacos made with local mahi-mahi or juicy sliders with bacon while sipping a refreshing island cocktail.

  • Wander Aruba’s Most Colorful Neighborhood.

    In addition to local markets and cafés, Oranjestad has the most charming pastel-hued, Dutch colonial buildings. Visit the National Archaeological Museum of Aruba in the neighborhood to learn more about the evolution of the island through recovered artifacts.  

  • Revel in the Most Stunning Sunset.

    To best experience Aruba’s postcard-ready sunsets, have the concierge book a sunset catamaran experience. Cruise with your partner in the still waters and soak under the bleeding colors of the sky.  



  • A Walk in the Park.

    The island’s most breathtaking natural scenery can be experienced at Arikok National Park, which takes up about a fifth of the island and contains unparalleled photo opportunities of things like the natural pool, lighthouse, turtle nesting and dramatic beach cliffs.

  • The Land Down Under.

    Explore the Guadirikiri caves, where the chambers have streaks of color and a hole in the ceiling of the cave that allows light to shine through. Legend has it that the hole was formed when lovers broke through the rock and ascended into the sky.  

  • Dine on Fresh Seafood.

    Oceanfront restaurant Zeerovers is nothing fussy. The menu each day consists of the catches of the day — wahoo, kingfish, giant shrimp and a host of other possibilities — served simply with fried plantains and pan bati, a classic Aruban pancake-like dish.

  • Gone with the Wind.

    Have the concierge arrange kite or windsurfing classes, as Aruba has great conditions for beginners and experts alike. Your skilled guide from local operator Red Sail Sports can assess your abilities and lead you to flat, shallow water with the proper gusts of wind.

  • Test Your Luck at the Casino.

    The 24-hour casino at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba features 17 traditional casino table games, including craps, baccarat and poker. Take breaks between tables for live musical performances.



  • Book the Ultimate Couple’s Treatment.

    Book a couple’s Deseo pa Dos session at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Aruba for a 110-minute romantic escape. The skilled and intuitive therapists will give you both a body scrub with honey and a soothing aromatherapy massage, followed by a blissful bath for two.  

  • Explore the Deep Blue Sea.

    Situated in a calm crescent-shaped corner where the bay opens up into the Caribbean Sea, Baby Beach is the perfect location for snorkeling. Spot bright yellow French grunts, polka-dotted filefish and spiny lobster, along with coral.  

  • Embrace Your Inner Artist.

    The nonprofit art school Terrafuse offers a variety of workshops, including glassblowing, kiln casting, ceramics, and glass-bead making using imported Moretti glass from Italy. Local artisans teach each class, and proceeds support the arts in Aruba.  

  • Have a Romantic Dinner on the Beach.

    For a one-of-a-kind experience, The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba plans private dinners on the sand to your liking: A personal butler will play the music of your choice and serve dishes from a special menu that includes surf and turf, grilled local mahi-mahi and, an essential indulgence, flourless chocolate cake.