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D-Bar is a classic setting, serving some of the most exciting cocktails in the city. For its sophisticated mixes with a story, inspiring ceremonies and fine spirts, the American cocktail bar overlooking Vienna's Ring Boulevard has been named repeatedly as the best hotel bar in Austria. Designed in the colors red and black, the bar is a place for open-minded connoisseur’s right in the cultural heart of the city.

For those who venture towards the more experimental, the bar is featuring exciting guest appearances to their menu leading back to the all-encompassing motto “Discovery”. Since September 2019, D-bar is managed by the innovative mixologist Katharina Schwaller bringing along her molecular expertise and passion of daring mixes.

In cooperation with the Weltmuseum Wien and on the occasion of the special exhibition "Aztecs", a bespoke cocktail menu has been dedicated to the legendary art and culture in the D-bar: Inspired by authentic ingredients and ancient methods, an exciting cocktail expedition is waiting for you. Hand-crafted tinctures, bitters, sangritas and infusions are the main components of the multi-faceted menu, accompanying the iconic spirits mezcal, tequila and rum.

The rich heritage of the Aztec era comes to life with twelve imaginative new cocktail creations. A travel diary as a cocktail menu guides bar guests through an Aztec expedition that boasts with special live rituals on the table.

Opening Hours:
Daily | 6 p.m. – 1 a.m.