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From coffee to castles, Vienna is a fairytale city come true. Vienna's city retreat borders the beautiful Vienna City Park and boasts Musikverein and Vienna State Opera as close neighbors. Just 20 minutes’ drive from Vienna International Airport, and in a part of the city that is notable for its wide boulevards, the hotel is a rare mix of hidden retreat and city address. Ideally located on the iconic Ringstrasse, hotel guests traveling through Austria can easily explore impressive shopping and cultural attractions. The passionate Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, curate emotive experiences with a destination-inspired spin. Ask our concierge to help you devise the ideal Vienna itinerary. Be prepared for suggestions full of authentic Viennese experiences, including waltz lessons, a house wine tour and a night at the chef's table at Dstrikt Steakhouse.

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The City of Palaces
Hotel History

As the seat of the Habsburgs, Vienna was a center for nobles and the place where they had their palaces built. Until the accession of the throne by Franz-Joseph in 1848, the city of Vienna was only located inside the city walls, which were at the same location where the Ring Boulevard is located today. It was until 1857, that the emperor decided to beautify his city and to open it to the suburbs in order to increase trade, to strengthen his political power and to improve the status of the less wealthy population. From the middle to the end of the 19th century the construction activity on the Ring Boulevard was particularly strong and the style of this time was named “Ringstrassen architecture”. Some of the most famous architects of the time left their mark on the “Ringstrasse”. It was also during this groundbreaking time, that the buildings in which The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna is located today, were constructed.

Palais Gutmann

The Gutmanns were an impoverished family that became wealthy by entering the coal trade, when the demand for railway construction material, industrial operations and heating material increased. In the course of industrialization, the former owner of the palace, Sir Wilhelm Gutmann had made a name for himself as a major industrialist in the promotion of coal and has therefore become abundantly prosperous. The entire family was socially engaged and politically committed to a realm, where the rich are allowed to enjoy their wealth only after giving a corresponding share to the poor.

Presidential Suite - Living Area
In Today’s Palais Gutmann

Located on the left back side of the hotel, you can discover an image symbolically showing mankind between heaven and hell, on the ceiling of the ancient staircase. Moreover, the meander pattern in the stairwell has Greek origin and stands for infinity as well as peace. The very same symbol can be found in many guest rooms and suites, for example, on the cupboards and all over Vienna.

Infinity of Power & Infinity of the Empire

It was a symbol frequently used by emperor Franz- Joseph. The ceiling painting around the chandelier of the former Belletage, now the living room of the Presidential Suite, shows the twelve months symbolically represented by angels in the first wreath. Surrounded by a further four angels that stand for the four seasons (arrow and bow: spring, leopard: summer, wine: autumn, eagle, winter).

Original Artworks Preserved

August Eisenmenger painted the ceiling in the famous Golden Hall of the “Musikverein”. When strolling around the Palais Gutmann, you can find a fireplace on the 4th floor, showing the horror scenario of Noah's Ark, as it could have happened, as a biblical symbol against evil spirits. It is due to Sir Wilhelm Gutmann, one of the greatest art collectors in Austria that these ancient treasures can still be found.

Information & Architecture
Palais Gutmann

Built between 1869 and 1871

Architect: Carl Tietz

Owner: Sir Wilhelm Gutmann

Style: Italian Renaissance

The facade is inspired by the Palazzo Farnese in Rome

Club Noble Casino

Built between 1866 and 1868

Architects: Johann Romano, Knight of Ringe and August Schwendenwein, Knight of Lonauberg

Style: Classicism with youth-style elements

Planned and built based on the model of an English Elite Club

Renting Palais Borkenstein

Built between 1869 - 1869

Architect: Friedrich Schachner

Client: Karl Borkenstein

Style: late phase Historicism

The building was built as a luxurious tenant-occupied house with several apartments

Palais Ölzelt

Built between 1865 - 1866

Architect and owner: Anton Ölzelt

Style: Romantic Historicism

The most classical among the four palaces with a rich collection of paintings.                                                                                     

Presidential Suite

Renting Palais Borkenstein

The building located at the right back side of the hotels shows typical characteristics of Viennese grand palaces. The round “knuckle” at the corner of the building had been placed there, so the many horse carriages running through the streets of Vienna would not damage the corners of the buildings. Lion heads on the facades were used to keep away evil spirits.

The Ritz-Carlton Albertina Suite

The Palais Ölzelt

The Palais Ölzelt is located at the right front side of the hotel and is built in the most classical architecture. Today the D-bar, the Dstrikt Steakhouse and the Banquet area with our sumptuous crystal ballroom can be found here. The walls of which are fitted with 2.5 tons of Egyptian crystals.

Hotel Lobby

Club Noble Casino

On the left front side of the hotel you can find the “Verein Adliges Kasino”. In addition to the casino, there were several residences on the upper floors for the Viennese society of that time. It served as a meeting place of Austrian aristocrats and the military. Today the main entrance, the Front Desk and the Lobby are located here.

Explore Iconic Vienna Landmarks and Attractions

The passionate team at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, curate emotive experiences with a destination-inspired spin. Pound the streets with a running concierge or join the guided tour of the Vienna Naschmarkt with the hotel’s Executive Chef and discover Austria’s foodie roots. Hotel guests are in an enviable position of being able to walk or quickly access some of the city's most noteworthy attractions.

What to Pack

Reminders of Vienna’s rich history can be seen — and heard — everywhere. From classical concerts to gilded buildings to fine dining, Vienna has a refined sense of living and the style to match it. Here’s what to pack for a stay in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.

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Local Activities

Vienna Spring Insider Tips

When the fall season arrives in Vienna, it bathes the hilly landscape in bright orange and deep red and the harvest season reaches its climax. The city’s various wine taverns, called “Heurige” are frequented again by locals and Vienna visitors.

Wine Tavern
Local Attractions

Golf in Vienna

Vienna is usually more known for music and culture, but the many green spaces in Vienna are, of course, also very suitable as golf courses. This is also the reason why many prestigious golf clubs have been opened in recent years, which can also be used by non-members - if you ask in time for the conditions and reserve the tee-off time. Below you will find the best golf courses for your trip to Vienna.

Premium Suite - Balcony View
D-bar - Exterior

Travel and Customs

International Travel Requirements

Austria is a signatory to the 1995 Schengen Agreement. There are no restrictions on the remaining validity of your passport, providing you leave Austria before its expiry date We recommend the following web pages for additional information.

Playful Ritz Kids Safari with a teepee tent and toys in a hotel suite

Vienna Is Waiting to Be Discovered by Ritz Kids

From the moment of arrival, we welcome kids to The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna by encouraging them to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel and Vienna.