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Set within the Autostadt theme park and near the city center, this hotel is perfect for exploring every facet of Wolfsburg. At the Autostadt, car, culinary, art and design aficionados come together to explore impressive exhibits and events. The football club VFL Wolfsburg plays at the nearby VW arena. And the Renaissance-style Wolfsburg Castle houses a gallery and museum.


The Museum of Art was born by a private foundation and shows exhibits of modern and contemporary art. The exhibition program includes presentations by internationally established artists and young innovators.

Contact: +49 (0) 5361 - 26 690 | Distance: 3 km/5 minutes by car | Website

paläon Research and Experience Centre Schöningen Spears

Welcome to the paläon – a fascinating archaeological experience centre. Experience exciting stories about the "Schöningen Spears". Being approximately 300,000 years old, makes the "Schöningen Spears" the oldest preserved hunting weapons of mankind. Discover the prehistoric man in you! An impressive exhibition, a journey through time, a research centre – in paläon, history is an experience. The vibrant exhibition allows an exciting gaze 300,000 years into the past.

Contact: +49 (0) 5352 – 969140 | Distance: 57 km/45 minutes by car | Website

Phaeno Science Center

The "Phæno" offers 250 interactive "experimental stations" and eight exciting thematic areas from the world of natural science and technology. Visitors can explore wind and weather, micro/macro, matter, light and vision, life, energy, information and movement, as well as the striking architecture of this iconic building.

Distance: 2 km/10 minute walk | Website

Schaukasten Wolfsburg

The glass showcase at the corner of Kleiststrasse/Schachtweg is the last of the original four showcases, which shaped the townscape of Wolfsburg in the 1950s and 1960s. While originally being used for documentation relating to the city's development, these rare artifacts served as advertising boxes and often stood empty in the past few decades.

Some 60 years after it was first erected, the last remaining showcase has undergone a transformation and has had new life breathed into it.

The initiators want to present historical and contemporary ideas and objects, creating a space for everyday culture in the immediate vicinity of Wolfsburg's 'Hallenbad' (former public pool). Following renovation in 2012, this showcase features frequently changing exhibitions on the themes of culture, history, society and art.

Distance: 3 km/15 minute walk | Website

Theater Wolfsburg

In 1973, the famous architect Hans Scharoun had the plan to build a new theater in Wolfsburg, which was realized at Klieversberg. The theater is already a sensation as a building and with its modern, tasteful auditorium it can accommodate 777 spectators in Music Theater and has 833 seats in drama. One of the longest theater foyers ever constructed, carries the visitors on their way into the main hall off into a world full of passion, drama, excitement and entertainment. The Theater Wolfsburg hosts national and international guest performances and productions for all ages. It is a theatre rich in variety offering high class opera, operetta, musicals, concerts, ballet, modern dance, comedy, tragedy, vaudeville, readings and children's and youth theater. Be our guest!

Contact: +49 (0) 5361 – 26 73 -37/-38 | Distance: 4,5 km/10 minutes | Website

Wolfsburg Castle

This impressive castle, built in the Renaissance style, is the cultural heart of Wolfsburg and is home to the city gallery, art-society and museum. Visitors discover much about the origins and history of the castle as well as the historical development of the region.

Contact: +49 (0) 5361 – 61 82 85 40 | Distance: 2 km/15 minute walk | Website


The Allerpark with the Allersee offers and impressive 3.5 km course that is perfectly suited for walking, jogging or in-line skating. From May to October, there is also swimming.

Distance: 2 km/10 minute walk | Website

Die Autostadt

The Autostadt (Car City) is a forum for mobility, built by one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe - Volkswagen. This center of excellence is dedicated to the automobile in a rather unusual way by emphasizing design, art, architecture and science – without highlighting cars.

Contact: 0800 288 678 238 | Distance: 0.1 km /1 minute walk | Website

Golfclub Wolfsburg/Boldecker Land e.V.

Only a short distance away from The Ritz-Carlton and the Autostadt the Golfclub Wolfsburg with a well-groomed 18 Holed Golf course can be found. On these facilities you can relax by a game of golf or practice to play. Guests are always welcome.

Contact: +49 (0) 5366 - 1223 | Distance: 12 km/15 minutes by car | Website

Volkswagen Arena

The soccer stadium of the VfL Wolfsburg was built in 2002, and accommodates 30,000 spectators for soccer games featuring teams in Germany's highest division. You may also book a guided tour for a unique look behind the scenes.

Contact: +49 (0) 53 61 - 89 030 | Distance: 1 km/5 minute walk | Website

Wolfsburg Planetarium

The Planetarium features exhibits, lectures and demonstrations along with an impressive artificial, starlit sky.

Contact: +49 (0) 5361 – 21 939 | Distance: 3 km/5 minutes by car | Website