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Wedding Advisor

It is our pleasure to arrange all details for your very special day!  

Who may perform weddings abroad?
Only weddings performed at a registrar's office ("Standesamt") are legally valid in Germany. A church ceremony may be held later, if desired. Consular officers cannot perform weddings and you do not need to register your wedding with the Embassy or Consulate.

Does the wedding affect my citizenship?
If a foreign citizen marries a German citizen, he or she does not acquire German citizenship, nor does the wedding affect your citizenship.

What documents do I need to get married in Germany?
This depends on what the registrar's office ("Standesamt") requires and may vary from case to case. The Standesamt therefore requires that you make an appointment and discuss with them what is required for you.

There are, however, some standard requirements that apply in almost all cases:

  1. Your birth certificate. It is a German requirement that all documents must have been issued within the last six months; therefore you may have to obtain a new copy of your birth certificate.
  2. For U. S. documents to be accepted by the German authorities, they also require that you provide an Apostille.
  3. All foreigners marrying in Germany require an "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis" which is a Certificate of Free Status stating that you are legally free to marry.

How do I arrange my wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg?
Our wedding professionals will organize and coordinate all aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception to turn your vision into reality. Your wedding professional will:

  • Assist with etiquette and protocol for your ceremony
  • Create a timeline for your entire wedding day
  • Coordinate the wedding ceremony
  • Recommend special event professionals to provide floral arrangements, music, photography and invitations
  • Act as a menu consultant for all food and beverage selections
  • Arrange and attend your menu tasting

What does The Ritz-Carlton provide for weddings and receptions?
The Ritz-Carlton provides all food and beverages, tables and chairs, white table linens, silverware and glasses, a dance floor, and staging for your event. The rental of a ceremony location includes chair set-up and staging as well as rehearsal time for the ceremony. This also includes an on-site Wedding Concierge to greet and assist your guests.

What other services or items can The Ritz-Carlton provide for my event?
The Ritz-Carlton can provide a wide range of specialty items to help you personalize your event, such as chairs with white chair covers, specialty linens, specialty base plates and menu cards. We can also assist you with welcome baskets, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts and a variety of other special amenities to help add that personal touch to your wedding. Costs for all items vary.
How do I arrange for flowers?
Our in-house florist will prepare a range of seasonal arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets, headdresses, corsages, and button-holes.

How do I choose the food for my reception?
Whether your reception is an intimate dinner or a lavish gathering, we offer a range of cuisines. From hors d’oeuvres and champagne cocktails to optional stations and gourmet buffets or formal dinners with plated selections and synchronized service, all options are catered. Your wedding professional will assist you with choosing from our extensive menu. A tasting will be scheduled to help you finalize your choices.

I/my guests have special dietary needs; what are our options?
We are delighted to offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes for any dietary need. Please do not hesitate to contact your wedding planner for more details.

Can The Ritz-Carlton provide my wedding cake?

Our pastry chef will ensure your new life together gets off to a sweet start. Choose from our imaginative wedding cakes and patisseries or customize your own creative temptations.

May I bring in an outside caterer?
All events at The Ritz-Carlton are catered by our exceptional culinary team. However, you may choose to have your wedding cake prepared by family members. Otherwise we do not allow any outside caterers.