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The Ritz-Carlton, Bali has unveiled a Sarong Concierge program, further complementing its authentic, immersive Balinese experiences for its guests. Under the expertise of resort’s Sarong Concierge, guests will be introduced to the Balinese culture through textiles in conjunction with this half-day journey.

The sarong concierge will showcase four kinds of fabric that are mainly used as sarong in Bali. This will include seeing samples of textiles and learn about the distinct characteristics of each sarong. After learning about the process, they will lead the guests to an artisan workshop in Gianyar regency – renowned for arts and crafts – to see the behind-the-scenes production process of “Endek,” the capital’s official cloth, from the threading and spinning to dying, and the weaving process. Continuing the experience, then they demonstrates the etiquette of wearing a Balinese sarong and walk elegantly, like the Balinese royals. With the knowledge of how to dress a sarong on their own, they will guide them on a visit to a nearby Balinese Hindu Temple to see the beautiful décor and hand carvings, wearing their sarongs as intended just like the locals do.

Price: USD 138 excluding 21% government tax and service charge


  • Transportation
  • Balinese Sarong Souvenir
  • Entrance fee to the Hindu Temple
  • Lunch Box

Depart from the hotel at 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

For further information please contact our concierge at or our Spa reception at