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World Bistro, Music, Lifestyle, Wine Room and Cocktails.

Lobo & Juno is for the brave and the curious, as our menu takes one on an exciting adventure from the East to the West, enriched with an interesting story behind every culinary artwork that is painstakingly designed to ignite conversations. Home to the original Lobo & Juno Burger, other Chef’s recommended items encompass Roasted Pork Belly, Tongseng Kambing, Pork Chop, and Tomahawk Steak along with many other world delicacies.

Our must-sip drinks bring you favorite cocktails from around the world, coupled with mouth-watering bites to pair perfectly with any selections, well suited for city dwellers looking for a stylish urban escape. Experience daily service rituals and scheduled entertainment from live music and band, live DJ and top 100 playlists.