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Appointed to private parties, The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa’s wedding receptions are offered at our Restaurants. Share the best moment of your life with your family and close friends in a quiet refinement that inspires lasting memories.

“CHURA-NUHJI” would animate your best moment of your life. This restaurant with the meaning of “Beautiful rainbow” in Okinawan word offers traditional and stylish cuisine with Local Okinawan ingredients.

Enjoy an Italian dinning meeting Ryukyu Dinning experience for your memorable ceremoby.

Seats up to 34 guests 

Attempt to privacy and great view from the top floor suite rooms: The Ritz-Carlton Suite room and Presidential Suite room.

Upscale your wedding in our spacious living room, bed room and terrace. Let the view from the room animate your best moment of your life with a 270°panorama, extending from Nago Bay over the Motobu Peninsula.

Share your Wedding experience with the great view.

Seats up to 15 guests.

GUSUKU is a dinning place meaning “Castle” in Okinawan word and let all guests to welcome warmly. With the special menu made for your wedding with selected Okinawan ingredients, this venue offers the genuine care which Okinawan people have always kept.

Enjoy spacious and special ceremony in the castle.

Seats up to 20 guests.