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“Tempura by Hanagatami” of The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka offers focused tempura based dining experience, offering heartfelt superior gourmet and seasonal experiences harmonized with hand-picked selection of Champagnes. The refined ambience and legendary welcome complement the interactive counter of Chef Fukana crafting his dishes as he delights the guests with his interpretations of the much loved tempura.

Chef Takeshi Fukana graduated from an academy and had trainings at a long-established hotel in Osaka City. With a rich experience in Japan’s kaiseki and culinary arts, Chef Fukana joined “Tempura by Hanagatami” at The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka in February 2017. With approximately 20 years of experience in Japanese kitchens and culinary crafting, Chef Fukana offers tempura course meals with distinguished presentation and a strong sense of the season. Making use of his experience and passion, he offers fascinating cooking performances at the counter, where he enjoys having a conversation with diners and describing his food in more detail.

Chef Fukana is committed to providing supreme tempura dishes so he carefully selects ingredients including produce and seafood but also the kind and blend of oils and salts to be used. As for oil, he blends superior Taihaku sesame oil, which is condensed by grinding raw sesame seeds without parching, and safflower oil in a unique balance. The oil blend, temperature control and cooking techniques will produce crispy and light tempura items, juicy and crunchy.

Salt is an important element therefore also carefully chosen. We had 60 kinds of salt evaluated before selecting “Churaumi-no-shio”, a salt rich in minerals that truly enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients.

You may try the sea urchin roe served over crispy fried and fragrant seaweed and also the succulent and flavorful “Japanese beef fillet tempura”. Enjoy Chef Fukana’s tempura for a memorable dining experience.

*Ingredients, production area and menu items are subject to availability and may vary

Tempura by Hanagatami

Lunch:  Shinonome ¥5,000 / Kumoi ¥6,500 / Yugiri ¥9,500
Dinner:  Yugiri ¥9,500 / Oboroduki ¥13,000 / Akatsuki ¥17,800

*All prices are subject to consumption tax and 15% Service Charge

For Reservations/Inquiries 

Telephone: 06-6343-7020 (Direct)


Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30 - 14:30, Dinner 17:30 - 21:00