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Join the resort’s naturalists for a hike along the Kapalua Coastal Trail with stops at some of Maui’s best beaches and bays and lessons on Kapalua’s history.


Maui’s largest all dual zipline course is located right here in Kapalua. Hike through the lush rainforest, walk along the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the state, learn about local flora and fauna, and soar through the West Maui Mountains on seven all-dual ziplines. Each line offers unrivaled views of the West Maui Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. After your exhilarating day ziplining, join us in Alaloa Lounge for a selection of cocktails and tropical beverages.


Ride off into the sunset together while viewing the brilliance and tranquility of a Maui sunset on horseback. An experienced guide will help bring your ride to life — as you travel through history-rich Hawaiian valleys, you’ll learn about the island’s ancient beginnings, all while the sun begins to dip below the horizon. Once the sun goes down, enjoy dinner at the newly reimagined Banyan Tree restaurant.



This underwater photography and snorkeling expedition travels amid the living communities of fish, coral and algae. Naturalists guide you on an interpretive and exciting snorkel with underwater digital cameras.



Join our Cousteau-trained naturalists on this reef survey snorkel where you’ll assist in identifying fish, green sea turtles and monitoring the adopted coral head.

Exclusive Pu’ukukui Watershed Hike Experience – Email for customized pricing

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a guided hike at Pu‘u Kukui Watershed Preserve. Led by Pu‘u Kukui Watershed Preserve staff, the hike will focus on the unique natural communities of the Hawaiian mountain bogs and cloud forests, and the rare native flora and fauna found there. Enjoy lunch and an interactive Q&A session with your tour guide. Follow up your hike of a lifetime with an unforgettable dinner at the signature Banyan Tree Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua.
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About Pu'u Kukui

Pu’u Kukui Watershed Preserve is the largest private nature preserve in the state of Hawaiʻi. Extending across more than 9,000 acres from ma uka to ma kai of Mauna Kahālāwai on Mauiʻs West side, it is home to some of the rarest endangered flora and fauna in the islands. This pristine area is a vital water source for Mauiʻs community and one of the wettest spots on earth. Most recently, under new management, the ancestral wisdom of Hawaiian elders has been laid as the foundation for conservation efforts in the preserve; providing a culturally sensitive and informed approach to managing the thriving native ecosystem of Puʻu Kukui. Conservation endeavors include non-native invasive species control, weed control, monitoring, research and most importantly protecting rare species.

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Sunset Ceremony Nightly in the Hotel Lobby, Complimentary

Nightly at sunset on the lanai of the hotel lobby overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean, the sound of the conch shell will echo throughout the lobby to summon the energies of the day and allow us to say mahalo (thank you) for such a wonderful day in Kapalua. The beat of the pahu (sacred Hawaiian drum) signify the heartbeat of the day’s light and a short oli (chant) will put the day to rest. This traditional Hawaiian ceremony is not to be missed.

Hula Lesson, Tuesdays at 10 a.m. in Hawaii Garden, Complimentary

Learn this unique dance and how it preserves and perpetuates the stories, traditions and culture of Hawaii. Our hula instructors will teach a traditional hula along with the story of the dance.

Sense of Place, Fridays at 9.30 a.m. in the Hotel Theater, Complimentary

The complimentary Sense of Place program begins with the presentation of Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey’s award-winning documentary, Then There Were None. The film is followed by a discussion of the history and subjects broached in the documentary. Then, guests are led on a walking tour to the border of the Honokahua Preservation Site, where they discover its significance to ancient Hawaiians and role in today's cultural renaissance. Sense of Place is held Friday mornings in the hotel’s indoor Theater at 9:30 a.m. Every hotel employee attends an extensive Sense of Place program during their orientation class to gain a deeper understanding of their new workplace in Hawaii.

Self-Guided QR Code Cultural Art Tour, available any time

Guests can take a self-guided tour to learn about the cultural significance of artwork throughout the hotel.  QR Code plaques are placed next to art pieces that are significant to the Hawaiian Culture. By scanning the code, you will receive an image of that piece of artwork along with an explanation from the Hawaiian Cultural Advisor, Clifford Nae’ole, detailing out how that item relates to the local culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people.


Using gongs, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, and many other instruments to send a wide range of frequency through the body, matching the frequencies within the body removing negative and stuck frequency which causes the body dis-ease or disease.
Other benefits include:

  • deep state of relaxation
  • stress relief
  • emotional healing
  • physical healing
  • pain relief

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