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Immerse Yourself in the Spirit of Aloha

Watch our Kapalua video to discover the natural beauty and warm aloha that await.

Cultural Advisor, Clifford Nae’ole has adopted the motto “We are a 5 diamond hotel immersed in a 5 diamond culture.”  Adhering to this thought, Mr. Nae’ole has committed himself to providing guests with the opportunity to experience genuine Hawaiian cultural practices that fulfill emotions, allow oneself to discover their inner selves, unite the family and rejuvenate the spirit.

One such experience is the sunrise ceremony entitled “hiuwai” (cleansing”) and “e ala e” (awakening).  Participants gather at Honokahua Bay (DT Fleming Beach) in the darkness of the dawn and learn of the protocol that is sure to leave a lasting impression upon their lives.

Attendees will venture to the ocean’s edge to ceremoniously immerse in the cleansing waters of the ocean and allow their troubles and negativity to be washed away.  Once the guests are settled with their thoughts, they gather back onto the sands where the rhythmic and repetitive chant “e ala e” takes place until the sky basks in the colors of a new day.  “Once the sun has blinked its eye…you are free to begin life anew,” says Nae’ole.

E ala e
Ka la i kahikina
I ka moana
Ka moana hohonu
Pi’i ka lewa
Ka lewa nu’u
I kahikina
Aia ka la.
E ala e!

  The sun in the east
  From the ocean
  The ocean deep
  Climbing (to) the heaven
  The heaven highest
  In the east
  There is the sun