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Welcome to a brand new fine dining restaurant located on the 28th-floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty.

SEVEN is the first fine dining restaurant for the most sophisticated guests who are in search of a unique and unforgettable experience that opens its doors 6th of April 2019. Here, even the smallest details are well thought out, from the rarest food ingredients imported from different parts of the world to meticulously picked handcrafted tableware.

A stunning bird’s-eye view of the city, gourmet food, an impressive collection of exclusive spirits and cigars, plus top-notch service make SEVEN a must visit restaurant.  We chose only the best to create a truly outstanding venue for outstanding people.  SEVEN is the best place to hold high-level meetings, have private parties, spend romantic dates and even find a place of solitude.  It is where one should come with the most important people, dear guests and key-business partners, to emphasize the value and importance of the meeting, regardless of the occasion.

About the cuisine

We offer our guests literary haute cuisine inspired by the world's best practices.  Our dishes are cooked from carefully selected products imported from all over the world: fresh seafood from France, marbled beef from the US, and many more, where each ingredient passes a scrupulous inspection.

Our chef is constantly looking for new culinary ideas, drawing inspiration from his Michelin's colleagues and personally visiting the world's best restaurants with a mission to bring the best experiences to SEVEN ultimately surprising our guests.

We believe that superb service is an art. That is why we carefully pay attention to each detail of the process, whether it is the authentic Japanese way of serving sushi, dessert or flavored steak. It is like watching a theatrical drama unfold and it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Every item of the tableware within the restaurant is a piece of art. Handcrafted plates from Spain.  Rare wood, stones and ivory are used to make the knife handles for your steaks knifes.

One of the leading London design studio created the restaurant's interior. Its neoclassical style is emphasized by the abundance of natural materials like rare wood and non-ferrous metals.

Dining is accompanied by nightly live music that creates a special charm to the restaurant's pleasant atmosphere.

It is imperative for us to give prominence to each of our guests.  We dedicate all our effort to make each guest feel special. We created a variety of unique opportunities to please our guests’ demanding taste. For example, each guest that will order a steak will be offered a steak knives selection with ivory, wood or metal made handle as per his/hers preference. SEVEN offers individually assigned humidor box for storing cigars and smoking accessories, storing the guest's exclusive spirits in order to maintain a private collection. Our unique dry age fridges could store guests’ preferred meat rack branded with the guest's name to be cooked for a special occasion once meat reached its perfect condition.