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Dover Sole

  • Dust with season flour salt and pepper, Sear Dover Sole in medium heat until brown
  • Remove from pan • Add 4 tbsp whole butter to pan, melt until brown and nutty aroma
  • Add 2 oz lemon juice, 3 oz white wine, and 2 sprigs of thyme
  • Strain and finish with chopped parsley (1 pinch)

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

4oz  Cooked Macaroni
2oz  Lobster Knuckle Meat
2oz  Grated Gruyere
2oz  Grated Fontina
1oz  Parmesan
4oz  Lobster Bisque 1oz  Corn Flake Crust 1ea  Lobster Claw


Slowly heat lobster bisque. 
Add macaroni and lobster meat. 
Fold in all cheeses. 
Top with cornflake crust and place in oven. 
Finish with poached claw on top.

Corn Flake Crust

8oz  Corn flakes
3oz  Gruyere
2oz  Clarified Butter

Mix corn flakes and cheese. Add butter and crumble to crust consistency.