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Planning Your Trip

There is perhaps no greater example of China’s incredible economic growth than Shanghai. A unique mix of charming colonial architecture, futuristic skyscrapers and traditional landmarks, plus its status as a global financial hub, make it clear why this is the country’s crown jewel. Read on to find a packing guide for your trip.

A river, flanked by development on both sides, flows toward a skyline of skyscrapers as the sun rises overhead
A river, flanked by development on both sides, flows toward a skyline of skyscrapers as the sun rises overhead
What to Pack

The distinctive beauty of Shanghai and the stunning landscapes to be found just a train ride away will truly be a feast for your eyes. Make sure to catch every magnificent detail by bringing along a good camera — it will be worth it.

Business Travel
  • Shanghai is home to more than 300 Fortune 500 companies. While this creates a hotbed of innovation and attracts expats, it’s still best to err on the side of modesty when dressing for business in conservative China.
  • Well-tailored dark suits are the standard for men, paired with demure ties and leather oxfords.

  • Women should opt for blouses and skirts or dresses that fall below the knee. Make sure your heels are also at an appropriate height.

  • Have a good supply of business cards — they’re crucial to forging good relationships.  
Exploring the City
  • Not only is Shanghai one of the most populous cities in the world (with a population of 24 million), but it’s also China’s largest. From the flashing lights of Pudong to the tiny storefronts, there is much ground you’ll want to cover. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind.

  • The region enjoys all four seasons. In summer fill your suitcase with lightweight and breathable layers, along with a sweater or scarf for chilly evenings and the air-conditioned indoors. Warm coats, sweaters and jeans are good options for winter.

  • Shanghai’s interesting architecture is best observed on foot. Pack comfortable sandals, sneakers or flat boots.

  • It rains for nearly one-third of the year, with most of the precipitation occurring in summer. Bring a light raincoat and umbrella to be prepared.
Day Trips
  • Whether you want to experience the tranquility of Hangzhou’s lakes or visit the Buddhist temples of Ningbo, Shanghai makes for a convenient starting point to explore other nearby parts of China. Bring the right essentials for comfort and versatility.

  • Bring swimsuits and flip-flops for a refreshing trip to kid-friendly Dino Beach, a water park with Asia’s largest wave pool.

  • A backpack or light canvas tote will hold the essentials, such as water bottles, sunscreen and reading material for train rides, you need for exploring various towns.

  • There’s nothing worse than losing cellphone power in the middle of the day — pack a portable charger and Chinese plug socket adapter.
Flair Winter Garden Twilight Moment
Flair Winter Garden Twilight Moment
What to Reserve

Known as the “Paris of the East,” Shanghai certainly lives up to its nickname with its high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, cutting-edge art and plentiful cultural offerings that emphasize both the city’s rich history and cosmopolitan cool. Below are some suggestions to fill out your itinerary.

Ritz Carlton Hotel image
Ritz Carlton Hotel image

Once a small fishing village, Shanghai is now one of the most cosmopolitan and chic metropolises in the entire world — and one that can be richly explored from The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong in the quickly emerging financial district of the city. Admire beautifully designed skyscrapers and cultural sites, including active monasteries. Experience the thriving arts scene and unique shopping. And, of course, get your fill of dumplings, skewers, crab and other authentic and flavorful dishes of the region.