Carretera General, TF-47, km 9, Guía de Isora, Tenerife 38687 Spain
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Tapas & Wine Bar

Wine connoisseurs can explore 20 grape varieties representing every area of Spain and the Canaries in our Wine Bar, which also serves delicious traditional Spanish tapas. Do you know the origin of the word tapas? Tapa means ‘lid’ or ‘cover’ in Spanish. There are several explanations for the etymology of ‘tapa’: one of them says that while King Alfonso X was ill, he ate small dishes washed down by wine. He accredited this diet to his recovery and ordered that all taverns serve small snacks or tapas with their wine. A commonly cited explanation is that an item, be it bread or a flat card, would often be placed on top of a drink to protect it from fruit flies; at some point it became a habit to top this ‘tapa’ (cover) with a snack. It is also commonly said that since one would be standing while eating in traditional Spanish bars, they would need to place their plates on top of their drinks in order to eat, therefore creating a cover.

Open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Dress Code: Casual Elegant