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As Jean-Michel Cousteau says, “All kids start out as scientists, constantly asking ‘Why? What’s that? How does it work?’” Ritz Kids experiences at Al Bustan Palace, A Ritz-Carlton Hotel tap into that innate curiosity by introducing our youngest guests to both the natural wonders and the rich cultural traditions of our family-friendly resort. Immersive and adventurous, the resort’s experiences provide your child with enthralling activities to reward their interest in the beauty and workings of the world we live in. With a diverse collection of vacation activities based on the four pillars of the programme – water, land, environmental responsibility and culture – kids are swept away by everything from coral reefs and forests, to recycling and sustainability, storytelling, art and even food.

Arts & Crafts

Face Painting Class

Artists in the making will enjoy this workshop allowing them to use their face, arms and hands as a canvas and transform themselves into their favorite animals, flowers or story character. Let the transformation begin!
(Hypoallergenic, child safe face paint is used for this activity)

Chalk on the Walk

An outdoor art class designed for kids to draw at leisure on unlimited sidewalk space in the gardens of Al Bustan Palace, leaving colorful artistic creations for guests to admire.

Beached-themed Crafts and Activities

Walking along the beach, there is always a plethora of treasure to be scavenged. Kids are guided on a discovery hunt and invited to create a seashell creation that they will keep as a memory of their trip to Oman.

Tie-Dye Painting

Giving a second life to some used summer clothes can be exciting and out of the ordinary. Create your own unique souvenir from Oman by making a pattern using a permanent marker and a drop of alcohol on a cotton t-shirt or used socks, and witness the transformation.

Easel Art

An outdoor painting class inspired by the landscape of Al Bustan Palace. Artists are invited to step in the shoes of the impressionists and paint the palace and scenery around them, using a canvas on Easel for an ideal perspective.

Pico Picasso Club

An art class allowing kids to use their talents creating a painting, a drawing or a collage of their choice.

Environmental Responsibility

DIY Arts and Crafts

Kids are invited to learn more about the art of recycling with used bottles or objects from their environment, and create simple pieces of art with them.

Nature Craft Activity

Kids are invited to walk around our garden and discover local flower and tree species, collecting leaves and flower petals to create a piece of craft or souvenirs into a self-made craft memory from their time in Oman.

Trash Bash

Environmental activities for kids to understand the fundamental of conservation in a child-friendly way, through art and games.


Stories with a Message - 1001 Arabian Nights

A fascinating activity to hear traditional tales in an interactive way. The activity includes reading fables or watching animated stories and enjoying games related to a story. Kids can explore the world of Sinbad the Sailor (the most famous Omani character), insights from the Bedouin life, and interesting facts about life in the desert of Oman.

Indoor and Outdoor activities

Kids Aerobics

Get moving with this activity that combines gym and dance moves performed in music, ideal to improve rhythm and coordination skills.

Water Games

Ready, Set, Splash! An array of water activities are suggested in the pool, using water sprinkler, water slides, and balloons.

Sand Sculpture

A beach competition challenging kids to create the tallest sculpture, animal or sand castle of course.

Table Soccer Competition

A tournament designed for kids to step in the foot of their favorite soccer player and encourage their best team.

Pee Wee Tennis

The little ones are taught the basics of tennis-playing, holding a racquet and serving at tennis.

Play Dough Creation

A fun modelling activity for kids of all ages. Contests are organized to challenge kids to be creative with different themes.

Table Tennis

Table tennis class designed for beginners, ideal for kids.

9 Holes Mini Golf

Nine holes to sling the golf balls in a fun and challenging indoor course.

Garden or Beach Games

Beach and garden games for kids of all ages, including Olympics series, obstacle course, soccer playing or a kite-surfing.

In the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen – The art of pizza-making

A kitchen workshop to learn the art of Italian cuisine and pizza-making, from shaping the dough to tossing it and sprinkling it with colorful local vegetables toppings. Kids enjoy the result and share the perfectly baked creative pizzas all together.

Food Fun

An educating and entertaining class about healthy cuisine food trends, from theory to practice. Kids can create their own vitamin masterpiece with fruits and vegetables or prepare their own healthy sandwiches using a variety of fresh seasonal products, from Omani bananas to dates or coconuts from the trees of Al Bustan Palace.

For more details and information please contact our recreation team on +968 24 799 666 extension 3012. The above activities are subject to change.

October 2015 – March 2016

Kids staying at Al Bustan Palace are invited to discover the wonders of Oman, to connect with nature or enjoy fun activities with our recreation team. From environment awareness and recycling initiation on the beach of Al Bustan Palace, to outdoor easel painting inspired by beautiful surrounding landscapes, or story-telling from the Thousands and One Nights, our recreation team has designed a programme of activities that will captivate the little ones and let them discover the local culture.

10:30 a.m. Kids Aerobics
2:30 p.m. Face Painting Class
4:30 p.m. Adventure under the Sea of Oman

10:30 a.m. Trash Bash
2:30 p.m. Tie – Dye Painting
4:30 p.m. Chalk on the Walk

10:30 a.m. Beached – Themed Crafts and Activities
2:30 p.m. Food Fun
4:30 p.m. Sand Sculpture

10:30 a.m. Al Bustan scenery painting
2:30 p.m. Kids in the Kitchen
4:30 p.m. 1001 Arabian tales (story-telling)

10:30 a.m. Play Dough Creation
2:30 p.m. Table Soccer Competition
3:30 p.m. Pee Wee Tennis

10:30 a.m. Pico Picasso Club
2:30 p.m. Table Tennis
4:30 p.m. Mini Golf

10:30 a.m. Amazing Nature
2:30 p.m. DIY Arts and Crafts
4:30 p.m. Garden and Beached Games

For more details and information please contact our recreation team on +968 24 799 666 extension 3008. The above activities are subject to change.

Let us create a memorable birthday party for your child in the gardens of Al Bustan Palace, with delicious treats and fun activities to mark the day. 

Our recreation team will be delighted to assist and create personalized children’s birthday parties, tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Suggestions of food buffet and sweet treats include:
    Sandwiches, spaghetti or pasta, pizza, muffins, assortments of sweets and biscuits, ice cream trolley, chocolate fountain with marshmallows/ fruits, and a personalized birthday cake.

  • Suggested beverages include:
    Juices- (orange, apple, mango, pineapple), water, milk shakes and smoothies.

Activities and entertainment can be organized with our recreation team, including musical chairs, name train, group relay games (eg. blow the cup, pyramid building using cups) and water games.

Décor elements and birthday are included, including balloon arrangement, party tables decoration with colorful elements and caps.

For more details and information please contact our recreation team on +968 24 799 666 extension 3012. The above activities are subject to change.
Our Ritz Kids menu is available throughout all our restaurants. Do let us know of any allergies or preferences and we will be delighted to personalize your children’s menu.


Al Khubz Al Muhalla
Thin baked bread sprinkled with ghee, Omani honey

Traditional loaf, Omani honey

Labneh & Granola
Fresh fruits, date syrup

Turtle Pancakes
Organic Omani honey, berries

Scrambled Egg Shawarma
Arabic bread, tomatos, gherkins

Cereal N’milk
Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Granola

Fruit Kebab


Fresh Juice
Orange, watermelon, pineapple, carrot

Local Flavoured Leban Smoothies
Mango, pomegranate, coconut, date

Breakfast & A Beverage
Kids under two dine for free.
*Any item can be pureed for infants upon request



Organic Vegetable Sticks
Date jam

Baby Leaf Salad
Marinated chickpeas, pomegranate vinaigrette

Crushed Grains soup


Khubz Rakhal (Omani Bread)
Garlic, zatar, halloumi cheese, dried tomato

Kids Burger
Grilled minced beef, sesame bread, tomato, fries, cucumber dip

Omani Mashakik
Beef skewer, rice, tamarind chutney

Fish Fingers
Local hammour fillet, tartar sauce, lemon wedge
Choose a vegetable side: steamed broccoli, carrots, spinach, salad
Choose a carb side: fries, rice, pasta

Steamed chicken breast
Mashed potatoes, broccoli

Penne Pasta
Tomato sauce or meat sauce (gluten-free available)


Siwaya Bil Haleeb
Vermicelli with milk

Halwa Al Tamr Bil Simsim
Date balls with roasted sesame

Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry


Fresh Juice
Orange, watermelon, pineapple, carrot

Iced Tea
Lemon-mint, peach

Local Flavoured Leban Smoothies
Mango, pomegranate, coconut, date

Kids menus include gluten-free, organic and vegetarian options, please ask our restaurants team for more information.
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