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Culinary Arts

Our Executive Chef and his skilled culinary staff will work closely with you and your wedding planner to design a celebratory menu that your guests will savor forever. Our extensive menu selection is carefully crafted from only the best local and imported ingredients to create a dining experience that meets and exceeds your highest expectations.

Fattoush, Moutabel, Labneh, Babaganoush
Beetroot Salad
Spinach Bil Zaet
Romaine, Endive, Butter Lettuce, Lolo Rosso, Frisee
Cucumber, Carrots, Capsicum, Tomatoes,
Focaccia Croutons
Shallot Vinaigrette, Thousand Island and Aged Balsamic Dressings

Vermicelli Chicken Soup

Bread Display
Assorted European & Arabic Bread
Salted and Unsalted Butter

Main Courses
Omani Meshka Surrounded with Oriental Rice
Lamb Arsiya
Chicken in Coconut Sauce
Samaka Harra (red snapper fillets)
Beef Okra
Chinese Fried Rice

Umm Ali
Chocolate Mousse with Candied Orange
Pineapple Kunafa
Coffee Opera Cake
Strawberries Cheese Cake
Seasonal Fruit Salad with Rose Petals
Vanilla Crème Caramel

Fasuliyeh Bel Zed
Spinach Bel Zed
Hummus, Moutabel, Fattoush, Labneh, Warak Nab

Hot Mezzeh
Cheese Sambousek
Spinach Fattayer

Bread Display
Assorted European & Arabic Bread
Salted and Unsalted Butter

Classic Arabic Lentil Soup, lemon wedges, croutons

Main Courses
Dawood Basha
Ouzi with Omani Onion Rice
Hammour in Omani Spicies & Herbs
Oriental Stuffed Chicken With Tomato Capsicum Sauce
Grilled Vegetables
Penne Pasta with asparagus, mushroom, cream sauce
Potatoes Harra
Chicken Harres

Arabian Spiced Chocolate Tart
Selection of Arabic Dates
Arabic Sweets
Red Velvet Cake
Pistachio Mammoul
Date Pudding
Cream Kunafa
Fruit Display, sliced fruits and fruit shooter

Fati Salad
Sweetcorn, Carrot and Broccoli Salad
Arabic Prawns Salad
Okra Salad
Omani Tuna Salad
Hummus, Moutabel, Tabouleh, Labneh, Oriental Salad, stuffed vine leaves
Fatte Betenjan - eggplant with garlic, yoghurt and pinenuts

Hot Mezzeh
Meat Sambusek
Manakish Zatar

Shorba Al Hub

Bread Display
Assorted European & Arabic Bread
Salted and Unsalted Butter

Main Courses
Arabic Seafood Grill (tuna, prawn, king fish)
Shoowa surrounded with Saffron Rice
Chicken kabouli
Lamb Maklab
Coconut Vegetables salona
Omani Beef Stew
Chicken Harres
Pasta Arabiatta
Seasonal Vegetables

Vanilla Panna Cotta
White Chocolate Mousse, caramelized puff pastry
Mango Mousse
Macaroon Selection
Strawberry Tartlets
Coconut Khabisa
New York Cheesecake
Almond Halwa
Fruit Salad with Mint
Assorted Profiteroles

Fasuliyeh Bel Zed
Spinach Bel Zed
Arabic Prawns Salad
Okra Salad
Omani Tuna Salad
Dry Fish with Farfina
Hummus, Moutabel, Fattoush, Labneh, Warak Nab, Babaganoush, Labneh

Hot Mezzeh
Arabic Samosa
Cheese Borak

Omani bablo Soup

Main Courses
Whole Fish Saya Diya
Shoowa Surrounded with Oriental Rice
King Fish Mutafy
Meat Arsiya
Lobster-Prawns Thermidor
Chicken kofta with Coconut Sauce
Vegetable Lasagna
Rosemary Potatoes
Vegetable Maskboos
Albustan Mix Grill (shish taouk, shish kebab, lamb chop)

Cream Kunafa
Fruit Display, sliced fruits and fruit shooters
Ice Cream & Sorbet Cart
Chocolate Cake
Coconut Lokmat
Mango Mousse
Arabic Sweets
Halwa Al Jeden
Pistachio Crème brûlée
Umm Ali
Date Cheese Cake

Appetizer and Salad Station
Aloo Paddy Chat
tangy potato & flat crispy bread salad
Dhokla with Tamarind Chutney
fermented gram flour batter, small cakes served with tamarind chutney
Dahi Wada
dumpling of lentil deep fried served with yogurt sauce and Indian spices
Bhel Puri
tangy salad of rice puffs, crispy bread, onion, chilly, with tamarind & chili sauce
Boondi Raita
spiced yogurt with gram flour dumplings
Kachumber Salad
fresh green salad with cucumber, onion, chili, tomato & coriander
Selection of assorted bread rolls & Arabic bread

Tamatar aur Dhaniya ka Shorba
coriander flavoured tomato broth

Main Course
Navratan Korma
mixed vegetables, rich cashew nut gravy
Aloo Mutter
potato & green peas, curry sauce
Palak Paneer
garlic-flavoured spinach puree, cottage cheese
Dum Aloo
stuffed potato, rich curry sauce
red kidney beans, spicy onion and tomato sauce
Mutter Mushroom Masala
dry curry, mushroom & green peas
Steamed Rice
Vegetable Biryani
rice cooked with vegetables
Selection of Indian bread
nan, roti, paratha, & roomali roti

Gulab Jamun
Gajar Halwa
deep-fried milk dumpling, sugar syrup or carrot pudding
Ras Malai
poached milk dumpling in saffron milk
Shahi Tukda
deep-fried bread in condensed milk
Kaju Burfi
dry cashew nut sweet
Freshly-sliced Fruit Platter
Fruit salad with Rose Petals

Cold Selection - Per piece: RO 2
Crab Cracker, prawn and wasabi
Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese with cherry tomato
Goats' Milk Cream Cheese a la brûlée
Smoked Salmon, lime cream & caviar
Chef's Foie Gras – pumpernickel
Beef Fillet with star anise tomato jelly
Chef's Tuna - tartar, Omani crepe
Lobster Mille Feuille
Gazpacho ”Al Bustan Palace“ with dark bread
Duck Rillettes with capers & crouton
Cornetto – blue cheese or avocado
Tomato basil bruschetta

Warm Selection - Per piece: RO 2
Prawn Spring Roll with lemongrass sauce
Vegetarian Spring Roll with sweet chili sauce
Spicy Beef Spring Roll with soy sauce
Baked Provolone Cheese with date chutney
Risotto Praline with dry fruit marmalade
Shoowa croquette apricot sauce
Chicken satay peanut sauce
Mini Arabic kebeh
Prawn tempura bites spicy soy aioli

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