Marina 19-21, Barcelona 08005 Spain
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Stage your celebration in the perfect venue. From the gorgeous natural light of the Pau Casals salon, to the Grand Gaudi ballroom, Hotel Arts offers many stylish locations to give your festivities just the right ambience.

Gran Saló Gaudí
This grand ballroom is a flexible room, which can be divided into three equal parts, the maximum capacity is up to 1,000 people and it is the ideal room for grand gala celebrations. There is a pre-function area adjacent for the reception.
Saló Granados
This room is located on the second floor and has large windows on one wall. It is ideal for more intimate celebrations for up to 60 people.
Saló Pau Casals
This junior ballroom has a pre-function area, which opens out to a small outdoor space. The large windows allow natural light to filter into the pre-function area where the reception can take place. The Pau Casals is ideal for a wedding of up to two hundred people.