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Discover the best of Cleveland from our luxury hotel in downtown.

Situated on the southern shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a steadfast American city whose prosperous present and bright future are built on the foundations of its strong industrial past. Settled in the early 1800s by visionaries who understood the value of its advantageous geography, Cleveland became one of the nation’s most important manufacturing centers. Business magnates such as Rockefeller, Hanna and Hay built their fortunes here, and the city prospered along with them.

Today, Cleveland has reinvented itself as a vibrant, forward-looking metropolis teeming with art, culture and entertainment. Three major sports teams, the internationally renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and more than half a million people call Cleveland home.

We are happy to provide you with information about the many things to do in Cleveland, including events at the top museums, universities and sports arenas. Our luxury hotel’s location in the heart of downtown Cleveland is the ideal starting place to experience all this lakeside Midwestern city has to offer.