100 Dorado Beach Drive, Dorado, Puerto Rico 00646 U.S.A.   •  
Questions & Reservations:  (787) 626-1100


Dorado Beach Resort Fitness and Wellness Center has five tennis courts available to guests of the Reserve. Tennis instructions in private, semi-private, and group lessons, as well as in clinics for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and tournament players are offered daily. The instructional staff is supervised by the Head Tennis Professional and PTR certified professional Adam Lane.

Court Descriptions:

  • Three (3) courts are Deco Turf Courts, which are made for adults
  • One (1) court is a 36 feet, “Quick Start Red Court”, made for kids ages 5 to 7
  • One (1) court is a 60 feet, “Quick Start Orange Court”, made for kids ages 8 to 10
  • Two (2) courts at West Beach

Rentals at the Tennis Center:

  • Racquet Rental- $10 daily
  • Ball Machine Rental- $25 per hour

Tennis Guidelines at the Fitness & Wellness Center:

  1. Operating hours: Monday thru Sunday from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.
  2. Guests can reserve desired courts through guest services or by contacting the Fitness & Wellness Center, by calling (787) 626-1019.
  3. Hotel Guests are asked to reserve the courts 24 hours in advance when possible.
  4. Guests are allowed to reserve a court for one (1) hour per day.
  5. Walk on times are available and will not count towards your daily court usage limit.
  6. There will always be a tennis court reserved for tennis lessons. If no lessons are being offered, guests are free to use the court, after checking in at the Fitness & Wellness Center desk, but must relinquish it if a lesson is scheduled.
  7. All players must check in with the Fitness & Wellness Center Desk and present their resort room key for access.