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Water Sports

Kitesurf, Paddle, Windsurf and Sail with us!

Goodwinds has one of the most extensive water sports programs for kids and adults in Puerto Rico offering a wide array of short courses and experiences, as well as instructional and programs for those who wish to learn sailing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. The lesson program and instructor trainings have been designed by Olympic Windsurfer and Co-Owner of Goodwinds, Karla Barrera and husband Phil Morstad, who is Goodwinds’s Head Instructor with years of teaching and competitive experience. Come and visit Goodwinds at Barlovento and begin your adventure today!


Goodwinds continues to develop safe and independent kiteboarders with their proven teaching methods. Goodwinds ensures that every student receives the special and customized attention and offers lessons and water sport experiences for a wide range of types of experience levels.

Kitesurfing requires a multi-day lesson program for students to be able to practice board riding safely. Enjoy a lesson program that demonstrates the abilities and technical knowledge that a kitesurfer should have to safely and effectively enjoy the sport.

Sailing and Windsurfing

Sailing can bring you relaxing days on the water, adventurous family fun or challenging competition.
Goodwinds has several options for those looking to sail, from a simple 1 hour sailing ride with an instructor, to a full length 12 hour U.S. Sailing Course, where students become U.S. Sailing Certified. Also, Goodwinds’ Windsurfing Beginner's Course is the ideal starting point for complete novices in windsurfing with perfect learning equipment for adults and kids as young as 7 years old. These courses have been created following many years of experience, by Goodwinds’ owner and Watersports Manager Karla Barrera, who represented Puerto Rico in the sport of windsurfing in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

  • Sailing Rides (1 hour): Explore the bay with sailing instructors in one of the Hobie Cats
  • Intro to Sail (1.5 hours): Learn the basics of sailing with an instructor
  • All-In- One Eco-Ski (1 hour): Eco-Ski, on top of one of a Paddle Board pulled behind a Hobie Cat. Perfect for kids of all ages.
  • Windsurfing Beginner course (1hour): Learn the basics of windsurfing with one of the instructors

Paddle Boarding

The fast growing sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water. With minimal equipment, guests can paddle anything from ocean surf to lakes and rivers; no waves required. Paddle boarding offers an amazing full body workout and is becoming a favorite cross-training activity for many. And since you're standing at your full height, you might be so lucky to see our local Dorado manatee, Bob, or just enjoy the beautiful Dorado Beach sunset.

  • Paddle Board Tour (1 hour): Learn the basics and paddle as you see the coast of Dorado Beach.
  • Paddle Board Yoga or Fitness (1 hour): Make the ocean your mat. Experience yoga in a Paddle Board with our certified Yoga Instructor.


There are great opportunities for beginners to learn how to surf on our sandy beach break while using the soft-top surfboards provided during lessons, which are great for adults and kids as young as 4 years old.

For intermediate to advanced surfers, Dorado is blessed with world class surf breaks on the outer reef, only accessible by ski or boat that can provide head high to overhead conditions early in the mornings during surf season.

  • Beginner Surf Lesson (1 hour): Learn the basics of surfing with our instructors in our sandy beach break. Great for kids and adults.
  • Advanced Guided Sessions (1 hour): Have the waves to yourself, when you surf with a Pro on Dorado Beach’s outer reefs, only accessible by boat or ski. Tow in or Step Offs, also available.

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday through Sunday
10: a.m. – 6 p.m.

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