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Coffee Stop in Old San Juan, Rainforest Hiking Tour, followed by lunch
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45 minutes
Our first stop of the day will be at a local Coffee Bar where you will be able to experience our delicious Puerto Rican Coffee in more than 10 different blends.

Local pastries as well as coffee bags are available to purchase. Once we departOld San Juan a 45min drive east will follow to the town of Rio Grande.

Once in Rio Grande, you will see lush tropical vegetation, thousand year old trees, wild orchids, giant ferns, tropicalhardwoods, and waterfalls. From the heart of this breathtaking beauty you’ll hear in incessant yet delightful chanting of the “Coqui” and the chattering of unseen tropical birds. A 45-minute hike down La Mina trail down to La Mina Waterfalls will leave you breathless. This is a semi-athletic trail down to the falls and once you arrive, you can take a refreshing swim in the falls.

TOROVERDE Adventure Park
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TOROVERDE is a new ecological park where you’ll spend hours of endless adventures.

You will enjoy the most beautiful scenery that will leave you breathless as you do extreme sports in contact with nature. If you are someone who likes to feel a rush of adrenaline and excitement, this place is for you. Canopy and climbing gives you different degrees of difficulty. Children, young adults and young people enjoy the facilities of this adventurous park. Come discover a new world in the heart of Puerto Rico.

La Marquesa Original Canopy Tour
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This tour gives you the chance to see this world from a unique perspective.

With the assistance of our experienced system operators, you will be instructed in the use of the safety equipment and then put on the harness, gloves, and helmet so that you can sail from tree to tree and platform to platform on a network of pulleys and double horizontal cables that are mounted between 10 and 70 feet above the tropical forest floor.

Camuy Caves and Arecibo Observatory
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This tour takes you to the northwestern part of the island. Camuy Cave Park is known as one of the most massive cave networks in this hemisphere.

Recently two craterlike sinkholes and caves within this network have been beautifully developed. The caverns are easily visited with modern trolley cars taking you down the entrance of the caves. You will then enjoy a guided tour of the great cavern system seeing the underground river as well as huge stalagmites and rocky ravines.

The Arecibo Observatory is conducting groundbreaking astronomy work, including the SETI program. A 20-acre radar dish, with 600-ton suspended platform hovering over it, sits in an impressive 565-foot deep sinkhole while it examines planets and monitors natural radio emissions from distant galaxies, pulsars and quasars… all from Arecibo!

Caving, Body Rafting & River Journey
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An exciting world-class adventure in striking wild scenery.

A beautiful hike through our protected rain forest. Spectacular cave exploration & exciting body rafting journey through canyons. Explore the unspoiled jungle and underground karst paradise in the island’s NorthWest region. Appreciate wild life and discover a hidden world of limestone caves with fantastic formations as you drift along a underground river. This is an amazing multi-series adventure through a pristine environment that is also a relaxing eco-experience that is unforgettable.

Foodie Lunch Tour
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45 minutes
The Foodie Lunch Tour takes you through the Old City's most historic section.

In between mojitos and mofongos, you'll get an insider's view of the culture, history and architecture that defines the Island of Enchantment. Be sure to join us at the beginning of your visit so you'll be sure to have confidence to continue exploring San Juan's neighborhood foods and flavors on your own. Full lunch progressively eaten over THREE restaurants.

Buen Provecho Dinner Tour
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45 minutes
If you want to enjoy authentic Puerto Rican food where the locals eat plus listen to interesting historical tales, this tour is for you.

We start off by foot in one of the main plazas of Old San Juan, a charming city dating back to the 1500s that is home to unique blue cobble-stoned streets, breathtaking Spanish and French architecture and some of the best restaurants on the island. Full dinner progressively eaten over FOUR restaurants. Experience VIP service and dining experience at each restaurant.

Walking Tour to Old San Juan
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45 minutes
Our tour to the Old City begins in the Paseo la Princesa where we will begin our walk down the promenade lined with trees and benches that will lead you to a magnificent water fountain and bronze sculpture depicting the island’sdiverse cultural roots.

The Princesa formerly a jail and now headquarters for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company will befound midway down the promenade. As we continue our walk the promenade follows the bay along the city wall to the Puerta de San Juan or San Juan Gate. We’ll re-enter the city through the gate and have the opportunity to view historic sites such as El Convento, San Juan Cathedral, Casa Blanca, Capilla de Cristo, Plaza San Jose, El Morro Fort and much more.

Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan
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45 minutes
Visitors to the Puerto Rican home of Bacardi rum can enjoy an interactive tour through history, observe the production process, and experience the party spirit of the Bacardi brand.

The new Casa Bacardi Visitor Center seamlessly blends contemporary architecture and modern technology with close to a century and a half of heritage and tradition. Each room of Casa Bacardi is an impressive, full-sensory experience. Visitors experience Bacardi through sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Following ambient sounds that transport visitors to another time and place, the compelling story of the Bacardi family, the Bacardi Company and the intricate process of premium rum production is explored.

Then your tour continues to Old San Juan. A definite “must do” while visiting Puerto Rico. Upon your arrival to the Old City your first stop is at the San Cristobal Fort for a short tour and photo shoots. Driving through the Old City some of the historical sites that will be seen are El Morro Fort, San Jose Church, El Convento, San Juan Cathedral and Capilla del Cristo. Your second stop is at Paseo la Princesa including a walk to see the entrance of the San Juan Bay Harbor. Then it’s off to Plaza de Armas for a shopping spree visiting artesian shops as well as the outlet stores on Cristo Street.