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Wedding Planning Information

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve offers unparalleled services that your guests will appreciate and will make your wedding an unforgettable event. Our dedicated wedding planning team is eager to make your Puerto Rico wedding experience truly memorable for you as we oversee every detail of your day. You can choose from our signature menus or you can let us know your culinary vision and our wedding planning team will work with our chefs to design a menu specific to your tastes.


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How far in advance do I have to provide final menu selections?

Is it permitted to hire an outside catering company?

Can you provide us with a food tasting before the wedding?

Can we have a customized menu for our wedding?

Can you create wedding cakes?


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How can I schedule a visit to see the facilities?

Can the hotel provide a special rate for wedding guests?

What is the hotel’s subcontractor policy?

What is required to secure the date and space?

If my event is outdoors, how long can we have entertainment for?

If my wedding is outdoors, what happens in the event of bad weather?

If my wedding is outdoors, what happens in the event of bad weather?

Is the beach available for private functions?

What is your service fee and sales tax?


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How will the guests be directed to ceremony site?

Do you offer hair and makeup services for the bride and her bridal party?

What is the role of the service manager?

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