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Achieve a blissful state of relaxation at Spa Botánico, our five acre Dorado Beach spa sanctuary set within a fragrant pineapple garden and lush natural landscaping. Inspired by nature to impart a holistic sense of well-being, this Puerto Rico spa resort pairs local Puerto Rican ingredients with indigenous soothing traditions performed in the most unique of spa settings for a total sensory experience.

Integration with the natural world is an essential component of Spa Botánico. The journey begins the moment you enter the Dorado spa’s Apothecary Portal, filled with local botanicals and the scent of lavender to set a tranquil mood. A truly unique experience unfolds in two treehouse treatment “rooms” as expert therapists work their magic in the shade of leafy branches. Outdoor showers and plunge pools allow you to remain immersed in the natural moment. Spa Botánico is a place to be savored; take a day and discover its enchantment as well as your own inner sanctuary.



Spa Inquiries
To inquire about treatments and appointments, please call the spa directly at (787) 278-7227

Spa Hours
Open daily from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Menu of treatments
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Apothecary Portal

Guests begin their journey through Spa Botanico at the Apothecary Portal, filled with local botanicals used in myriad ways for health, beauty and culinary purposes. This magical room is a museum for your senses.

Tree House Massages

We invite you to experience two Tree House treatment pavilions overlooking our five acre botanical sanctuary for a pure sense of relaxation among nature. Paired with natural ingredients and tranquil techniques, treatments are designed to deliver a sense of weightless flotation.