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The Boutique Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown

Here in our idyllic Georgetown day spa, beauty and wellness align. Release your mind from the stresses of daily life, and rediscover your wellbeing inside the calm and serene walls of our Georgetown Spa. As one of the only spas in Georgetown to offer a private couple’s massage room, the day spa at The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C. features four luxurious treatment rooms and myriad restorative treatments designed to foster complete comfort and relaxation.


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Blueberry Detox Anti-Aging Organic Facial
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80 minutes / $235.00

Indulge your skin in fresh Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Pineapples high in antioxidants for an instant natural lift with the benefits of reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This stimulating energizing treatment has age defying benefits for smoother looking skin that is refreshed and radiant.
Signature Organic Facial
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50 minutes / $150.00

A wonderfully stimulating facial that will leave your skin glowing, detoxified, and firm! Using fresh organic apples and grape pulp to infuse natural fruit acids into the skin and Hungarian mud with trace minerals and paprika to stimulate circulation and detoxify the skin, a fantastic exfoliation is achieved, leaving the skin smoother and firmer. This facial is finished with a cooling application of organic masques and creams.

Not recommended for sensitive or rosacea skin types
Tailored Organic Facial
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50 minutes / $135.00

Mother Nature at her best! This organic custom facial brings together the finest fruits, vegetables and herbs of the season to deliver the most potent and active treatment around. Your facial will be customized for your specific skin type based on the results you desire.
Alpha Beta Deluxe Facial®
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50 minutes / $170.00

This treatment combines a deep cleansing facial treatment with the Alpha Beta Peel®. A luxurious self heating mask is included to promote maximum hydration of the epidermis and leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and super firm.
Alpha Beta Peel®
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25 minutes / $95.00

This treatment instantly reduces fine lines and imperfections, and controls acne, rosacea and oily skin.
Teen Organic Facial
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50 minutes / $99.00

Designed for young Spa-goers between the ages or 14 and 17, this facial begins with a personal analysis, followed by deep cleansing and a relaxing face and shoulder massage. (Parent must be present for the full treatment)
Gentlemen's Rescue Organic Facial
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50 minutes / $150.00

A relaxing and cleansing treatment to rejuvenate the skin as well as counteract skin irritants from shaving and sports related activities. Includes neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation.

Body Treatments

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Couples massages are available for all massage therapies, pricing varies depending on therapy chosen.

The Georgetown Signature Eco Body Treatment
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90 minutes / $350.00

The ultimate in skin renewal, the Georgetown Signature Eco Body Treatment starts with a foot soak and includes a skin brushing, skin polishing with a ginger/rosemary body polish, a Sedona mud wrap followed by a bamboo massage. This treatment will leave you restored and energized.
Blueberry Organic Scrub/Wrap
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80 minutes / $235.00

Indulge yourself with an organic mixture of Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries. This decadent sugar scrub and wrap will exfoliate and hydrate your body leaving your skin firmer, with increased elasticity, with soft supple skin that glows.
Organic Back Facial
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50 minutes / $150.00

A deep cleansing for the often neglected back and shoulders. This area is cleansed, toned and exfoliated.
Body Polish
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25 minutes / $85.00

Enjoy a body exfoliation that leaves your skin silky, smooth and hydrated. Great as an addition to another service or for the first time Spa guest.
St. Tropez Original Body Bronze
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80 minutes / $195

Appear as if you have been kissed by the sun. Our therapist will gently exfoliate your body and then apply a self tanner to give you that golden glow.

Based on availability
Massage Enhancements
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$20.00 per enhancement

Upgrade our massage treatment with enhancements—the ultimate in massage personalization with additions for the scalp, hands, feet, or back using specific blends to calm the nervous system and restore Vitality.

Massage enhancement may not be purchased alone.
Facial Enhancement
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$25.00 per enhancement

Upgrade our facial treatment with a hand or foot paraffin treatment.

Facial enhancement may not be purchased alone.

Massage Therapy

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50 minutes / $135.00
80 minutes / $195.00

Highly-skilled and dedicated hands combine Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial release and a wide range of other therapeutic techniques designed to ease chronic pain, fluid retention and muscular fatigue.
Deep Tissue
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50 minutes / $135.00
80 minutes / $195.00

Designed for the physically active, this treatment is focused, detailed and slow paced. Pressure and areas of focus are tailored to your needs. Treatment may also include range of motion and resistance work at your request.
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50 minutes / $135.00
80 minutes / $195.00

A classic Swedish full-body massage utilizing long, comforting strokes and effleurage movements to deliver complete comfort, reduce stress and return the body to a state of balance. Deep tissue techniques are not applied.
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50 minutes / $135.00
80 minutes / $195.00

A therapeutic massage is combined with your personal selection of our quality essential oils. This multidimensional approach provides an experience that caters to the individual needs of the body and mind.
Georgetown Hot Stone
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50 minutes / $160.00
80 minutes / $235.00

Taken from the healing rituals of worldwide native cultures, stone massage continues to offer a journey unlike any other form. Naturally formed volcanic stones in the highly skilled hands of our therapists will ease away the tension in your body.
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25 minutes / $85.00
50 minutes / $135.00

Warm foot wraps and tea tree & peppermint foot balm welcome you to your session of gentle acupressure and massage of the feet. This ancient healing art improves circulation, reduces fatigue and improves physical balance
Touch of Serenity
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25 minutes / $85.00

A light relaxing Swedish massage that targets the back and neck. Perfect as an addition to another service or for the first time Spa guest.

Specialty Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massages
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50 minutes / $160.00
80 minutes / $220.00
(Muscle Ease - $185.00 & $260.00 respectively)

Choice of five therapeutic massages each with its own specific massage technique.

Calming – suitable for calming the nervous system and focusing the mind (Swedish including three step scalp treatment and calming spinal infusion).

Circulation - suitable for increasing blood circulation and heat (includes skin brushing) and bioactive foot

Energy – suitable for increasing energy in order keep the ideas flowing and for completion of what you start (includes wood bamboo massage and hand scrub treatment).

Muscle Recovery – This custom therapeutic massage utilizes arnica oil and warm wraps to promote healing, rejuvenation and a sense of wellbeing.

Muscle Ease – suitable for releasing stagnation and rigidity in the muscular skeletal system and includes a
combination of hot stones, deep tissue and Restorative Spinal Infusion).

Mama Mio: Maternity Spa Treatments

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Mama Mio - The Yummy Tummy
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50 minutes / $155.00

This treatment begins with an application of Gravida Pulse Point Oil and gentle skin brushing to increase circulation, gently exfoliate and improve the tonicity of the skin. A concentrated serum and deep treatment mask will be applied to soothe and moisturize the abdomen. Enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage as the intensive Tummy Stretch-ease Serum and mask take effect.
Mama Mio - Mellow Mama
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50 minutes / $145.00

A complete body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention. A wonderful treatment that gives mama a chance to truly relax and a few moments to dream of baby.
Mama Mio - Free Loader
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45 minutes / $125.00

A wonderful back and upper body massage specially designed to release tension and muscle fatigue. This treatment focuses on the specific muscles that are responsible for supporting the pregnant tummy.
Mama Mio - 4th Trimester Healing Hour
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50 minutes / $145.00

This treatment is designed specifically for the 4th trimester; a relaxing top to toe massage to help realign and restore your body as it naturally adapts and returns to being one person again. This is your healing hour - and you've earned it. A perfect present from your loved ones or even from yourself.
Mama Mio - The Smoothie
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75 minutes / $185.00

Rejuvenate your skin and free your mind in preparation for your pending arrival. Mama Mio Smoothie will exfoliate your skin oh so gently (but effectively) followed by the most moisturizing massage to hydrate and elasticize your skin. A luxurious scalp massage will sweep away your stress, leaving you with skin to rival your baby's bottom.
Mama Mio - Free Your Mind
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25 minutes / $85.00

A treatment designed to ease you of the stresses associated with pregnancy. A cooling Mama Mio Eye Compress combined with pulse-point Gravida therapy initiates the relaxation. A gentle face and head massage will release cranial and jaw tension followed by a deep neck and shoulder massage.

Gentle Hair Removal & Tinting

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Hair Removal
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Brow $30.00
Chin or Lip $22.00
Bikini $40.00 and up
Brazilian $75.00 and up*
Underarms $30.00
Half Arm $40.00
Full Arm $60.00
Half Leg $45.00
Full Leg $80.00
Back or Chest $85.00 and up
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Eyebrows $35.00

Customer Appreciation

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Day of Beauty at the Spa
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Every Monday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m

Every Monday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. we invite you to take advantage of an exclusive customer appreciation discount of 20% discount on services valued $75 and up. Black-out dates apply including holidays; please contact the spa to confirm availability of this offer.

Natural Retinol Alternative Facial

Get a natural lift with an age corrective facial that leaves the skin instantly refreshed, tightened and smooth. Skin feels plump and youthful as the natural retinol alternative increases collagen and green apple stem cells replenish the epidermis.

50 minutes / $165.00