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Balance-Renewing Services for a Soothing Escape

Indulge in a variety of luxury treatments inspired by the sea at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Laguna Niguel. By addressing the individual needs of each guest with comprehensive programs, our resort offers self-indulgence at its best. All therapies are authentically designed to nurture body and mind, enliven the spirit, and uncover nature’s beauty – providing a blissful return to balance. Here, essential elements from the ocean bring life, well-being, and new beginnings in the presence of rich minerals, sea salt, algae, and water. This is the unique foundation that sets the tone for every escape – pure benefit, pure results.

Art of Well

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As the year begins anew, so do you. Make a commitment to your best self with custom packages from The Art of Well, the new Ritz‐Carlton spa experience.

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Choice of two 25-minute treatments / $325

  • Your choice of two of the following 25 minute treatments:
    • Skin Renewal Facial
    • Tension Relief Massage
    • Body Brushing Renewal Glow
    • Scalp Massage
    • Spa Indulgence Manicure
    • Spa Indulgence Pedicure
  • Welcome Gift
  • $25 towards Spa lunch
  • 15% savings on spa retail items

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Choice of two treatments / $475

  • Your choice of two of the following treatments:
    • The Ritz-Carlton Customized Massage - 60 minutes
    • The Ritz-Carlton Customized Facial - 60 minutes
    • Ashiatsu Massage - 60 minutes
    • Personal Training - 60 minutes
  • Welcome and Farewell Gifts
  • $25 towards Spa lunch
  • 20% savings on spa retail items

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Choice of two treatments / $675

  • Your choice of two of the following treatments:
    • Reflexology – 60 minutes
    • Ashiatsu – 60 minutes
    • Alpha Beta Peel Facial
    • Private Yoga Session
    • Citrus Body Scrub – 60 minutes
  • Welcome and Farewell Gifts
  • $30 towards Spa lunch
  • $10 donation to Community Footprints
  • 25% savings on spa retail items


Touch Therapy

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World-class therapists apply their artistry in creating personalized massage treatments that indulge your individual needs.

The Ritz-Carlton Signature Massage
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30, 60 or 90 minutes / $115, $195 and $265 USD

This famed therapy features specific movements to ease pained muscles, cleanse tissues and improve circulation. Tension drifts away as the therapist combines various techniques to restore a sense of well-being.
Ultimate Ashiatsu
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60 minutes / $390

Originally practiced in Buddhist monasteries, four feet ashiatsu deep muscle massage is performed by two therapists who apply muscle compression using their feet while suspended over the guests with the support of wooden bars.
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60 or 90 minutes / $215 and $285 USD

Supported by wooden bars suspended over the guest, the therapist applies muscle compression using the feet. The resulting pressure brings about structural rejuvenation in chronically damaged soft tissues, provides deep relaxation and stimulates the lymphatic system.
Couples Massage
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60 or 90 minutes / $390 and $530 USD

A wonderful experience to share with a friend or loved one in the resort's signature couples massage room.
In-Room Massage
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60 minutes / $245 USD
90 minutes / $315 USD

Traditional massages may be enjoyed in the seclusion of a Ritz-Carlton guest room, and will be performed by a same-gender therapist. Where accommodations permit, couple's massages are also available in guest rooms.
Motherhood Massage
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60 or 90 minutes
$195 USD / $265 USD

Designed to alleviate postural pressures due to normal body adjustments during pregnancy. This pre/post natal massage helps reduce fatigue by aiding the circulatory and lymphatic systems, bringing comfort and relaxation. This service may be enjoyed by expectant mothers after the first trimester.


60 minutes - $195 USD

90 minutes - $265 USD

Hot Towel and Herbal Infusion
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60 minutes / $230 USD

Steaming hot towels steeped in aromatic extracts accent this calming massage. Breathe deeply as clouds of eucalyptus essence fill the air and tension bound deep within muscles slowly disappears.
Four Hands Massage
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60 minutes / $390 USD

Working in unison, two therapists synchronize their hand and arm movements seamlessly providing a full-body Swedish massage that invokes the bliss of ultimate peace and pampering.
Beach Stone Therapy
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60 minutes / $230 USD
90 minutes / $295 USD

Smooth beach stones are carefully heated and placed strategically upon the body. The therapist artfully incorporates the stones into a relaxing massage, delivering deep relief to tired and overworked muscles and calming both body and mind.
Spa Reflexology
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30 minutes (feet only) / $115 USD 
60 minutes (feet and hands) / $195 USD

Designed to balance, restore and soothe, this treatment focuses special attention on reflex points that correlate to specific organs and body systems, enhancing circulation and eliciting sensations of deep relaxation.

Skin Therapy

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From facials to full body treatments, The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a wide range of skin care treatments to enjoy and revitalize the body.

The Ritz-Carlton Signature Facial
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30 minutes, without extractions; 60 or 90 minutes, with extractions / $115, $195 and $265 USD

A purifying treatment based on traditional European deep-cleansing techniques and designed for all skin types. Skin conditioning begins with a stimulating lymphatic massage, followed by cleansing, toning and exfoliation using the finest botanical extracts. Finally the face is embraced in a customized masque designed to harmonize with individual skin types.
Collagen Infusion Facial
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90 minutes / $285 USD

A collagen-rich veil embraces the face, infusing precious nutrients deep into the epidermis, revitalizing skin cells, erasing superficial lines, and leaving skin silky smooth. Highly recommended for restoring hydration to sunburned skin.
The Signature Back Facial
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60 minutes / $195 USD

Experience a skin treatment that enlivens the senses. After the back is treated to a deep cleanse and exfoliation, extractions are performed, followed by a soothing mask. This experience rejuvenates an area rarely pampered.
Alpha Beta Peel
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30 minutes, face only; 60 minutes, face, neck, décolleté and hands / $115 and $195 USD

A patented peel combining both alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids, and medical-quality natural ingredients produces instant and lasting results including: reducing fine lines and imperfections, controlling acne and rosacea, diminishing oiliness and improving skin texture and firmness.
Hydration Facial
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60 minutes / $195 USD
90 minutes / $265 USD

Dry, tired skin comes immediately to life when specific hydrating ingredients are customized to your particular skin type. Instantly flooding the skin with freshness, this facial provides a delightful remedy for severe moisture deficiencies caused by stress, environmental elements and travel.
Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial
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30 Minutes (without extractions) / $115 USD
60 minutes / $195 USD
90 Minutes / $265

Specifically designed for the gentleman's complexion, this facial features relaxing massage movements. A purifying masque disperses beneficial botanical properties to the heart of the skin, while a moisturizing serum leaves cells hydrated and refreshed.


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Our exfoliation treatments provide skin softening results while invigorating the body.

California Citrus Body Polish
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60 minutes / $230 USD

Fresh lemon verbena and gentle buffing grains are creatively blended with extracts of ruby grapefruit and blood orange to elicit the emergence of fresh new cells. A soothing Vichy waterfall shower and a hydrating cream finish preserve the moisturizing benefits.
Coffee Scrub
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60 minutes / $230 USD

Relaxing each and every muscle, the body is massaged with a sumptuous exfoliating blend of ground Coffea arabica, sea salts and essential oils. Under the waters of a Vichy shower rinse, fragrant oils come alive to release stress and wash away tension. A complimenting drench of moisturizer completes the refreshing experience.
Sugar Scrub
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60 minutes / $230 USD

Enveloped in a specialized blend of sugar and essential oils, the skin is gently exfoliated to reveal a soft, smooth sheen. After a Vichy waterfall rinse, the body is left silky smooth, then hydrated with a veil of moisturizing lotion that leaves the skin glowing with a healthy vibrancy.
Ocean Spray and Beach Stone Treatment
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60 minutes / $265 USD

This wonderful combination treatment begins with a light brushing to exfoliate the skin. Following a Vichy waterfall shower, fragrant lavender extracts are smoothed over the skin and heated beach stones are used to relax and soothe muscles, melting away tension.

Hair Therapy

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Hair Therapy
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  • Color - $125 and up
  • Up-do/Special Occasion - $125 and up
  • Woman's Haircut and Blow Dry - $140 and up
  • Full Highlights - $230 and up
  • Partial Highlights - $180 and up
  • Blow Dry and Style - $80 and up
  • Men's Haircut - $75 and up
  • Men's Beard Trim - $50 and up
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment - $80 and up
  • Make-Up Application - $95 and up

Hand & Foot Therapy

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Ice Cream Pedicure
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60 minutes / $90 USD

This decadent pedicure begins with a luxurious soak in a footbath flavored with a scoop of bath ice cream to soften and nourish. An exfoliating scrub of choice coaxes away tired dry skin from the feet and legs. A soothing paraffin bath is enjoyed, followed by a drench of body icing lotion massaged into the feet and legs. A generous application of nail polish completes the experience.
The Ritz-Carlton Manicure
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50 minutes / $85 USD

An intense two-step citric acid exfoliation rejuvenates, deeply hydrates and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance. An essential oil-infused ceramide and vitamin massage and nail polish complete the experience.
The Ritz-Carlton Pedicure
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75 minutes / $100 USD

The ultimate in pedicures. A four-step exfoliation process combines elements of beach sand, quartz crystals, mineral salt and alpha-hydroxy acid to remove traces of dead skin. Feet are then enveloped in a rejuvenating marine algae masque, and a cucumber therapy restores softness to dry, cracked heels. A pampering foot and calf massage, followed by a careful application of polish, provide the finishing touches.
Simply Classic Manicure
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25 minutes / $50 USD

A soothing hand and arm massage is a relaxing highlight of this traditional beautifying treatment. Hands are moisturized, cuticles are perfected and nails are clipped, shaped and buffed. An application of polish completes the treatment.
Simply Classic Pedicure
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45 minutes / $70 USD

The traditional choice for lavishing care on the feet and toes. Following a relaxed soak, feet are gently stroked to massage away fatigue. A softening exfoliation removes dead skin to reveal fresh suppleness. Cuticles are perfected and nails are clipped, reshaped and buffed and polished.
The Ritz-Carlton Tween Manicure
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25 minutes / $35 USD

A version of our Simply Classic Manicure specially-designed for guests 12 and under.
The Ritz-Carlton Tween Pedicure
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35 minutes / $45 USD

A version of our Simply Classic Pedicure for specially designed guests 12 and under.
Gentleman's Hand or Foot Grooming
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Hands: 30 minutes / $50 USD
Feet: 45 minutes / $70 USD

Designed to enhance the appearance and feel of a gentleman's hands or feet. Treatment includes nail clipping, shaping and buffing.


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Paraffin Treatment
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$35 each USD

Hands or feet are enveloped in a warm bath of paraffin wax, allowing ultra-soft skin to emerges. This relaxing and restorative treatment may be added to any facial, manicure or pedicure.
Wild Lime Scalp Treatment
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$20 USD

A zesty, aromatic scalp and neck massage ideal for easing jet lag, stress and fatigue. Macadamia and avocado oils are blended with wild lime blossom, ginger and sandalwood to nourish the hair and scalp.
Polish Change
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15 minutes: $45

Skin Care Enhancement
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  • Eye Contour and Lip Rejuvenation - $35 USD
  • Wild Lime Scalp Treatment - $20 USD
  • Rosemary Hair Treatment - $20 USD
  • Paraffin Hands and Feet - $35 USD each
  • Signature Upgrade Peel - $40 USD
  • Collagen Deluxe Enhancement - $50 USD
  • Eyebrow - $35 USD
  • Lip - $35 USD
  • Chin Wax - $35 USD
  • Motherhood Massage 60/90 mins - $195/$265 USD
  • Polish Change 15min-$35 USD


Massage Enhancements
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Arnica $20 USD

Wild lime scalp $20 USD

Rosemary scalp $20 USD

Aromatherapy $20 USD

Aromatherapy deluxe $50 USD

Foot Balm Treatment $20 USD

Body Brushing $35 USD

Water Therapy treatment enhancements
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Wild lime scalp treatment $20 USD

Rosemary hair treatment $20 USD


Package Experiences

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Ultimate Spa Day
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Package includes:

  • Private VIP coordinator to organize your visit 
  • Individual treatments designed around you 
  • Private consultation with your therapist 
  • Bottled water & herbal tea and tisanes 
  • $25 credit for lunch 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Select any treatment, massage, facial, body treatment, manicure, pedicure and more to fit within your four-hour treatment time 
  • Chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before your return home 
  • A Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Spa Robe
Day of Wellness
(show details)


Package includes:

  • Private VIP coordinator to organize your visit 
  • Smoothie 
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Bottled water & herbal tea 
  • 60-minute Yoga Class 
  • 60-minute Massage 
  • 60-minute Facial 
  • $25 credit for lunch
Special Occasion
(show details)


Package includes:

  • Private VIP coordinator to organize your visit 
  • $25 Credit for Lunch 
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Bottle water & herbal tea 
  • Ritz-Carlton Manicure & Pedicure 
  • 60-minute Massage 
  • 60-minute Facial 
  • One glass of champagne
Couples Retreat
(show details)


Package includes:

  • Private VIP coordinator to organize your visit 
  • Poolside or Beach VIP setup 
  • One bottle of Champagne 
  • One plate of chocolate covered strawberries 
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Bottled water & herbal tea 
  • Couples 60-minute Massage 
  • $30 credit for lunch

The Ritz-Carlton Spa
Daily, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Fitness Center
Open seven days a week

Fitness Classes
Yoga; 9 a.m.
Pilates; 10 a.m.

Beach Shuttle
Seven days a week
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Operating every hour and by request
St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

The Green Marine Facial
Purify your skin with our premier skincare detox ritual. This deep cleansing facial will revitalize your skin with an exclusive blend of green marine extracts; while an energy cleansing Jade stone facial massage stimulates lymphatic drainage. Finished with a Healthy Green Smoothie, this ultimate spa experience will leave you feeling renewed from the inside out.

60minutes / $230 USD

Healthy Green Smoothie:
spinach | mango | pineapple | green apple | skim milk