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Urban Retreat at The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai - an urban oasis escape to nature’s tranquil environment, infused with a calming sense focuses on all natural elements in designs and healing therapies that work on a long term benefits for your beauty, health and wellness.

Urban Retreat Facial

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Precious Gems Lifting Facial with Lotus
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A luxurious mini-lifting facial with concentrated lifting ingredient serum from the exquisite Lotus Regeneration Pearl Caviar and lifting massage with precious jade gems wands are ideally primed for perfect results.
Gentlemen Skin-Fit Facial
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Your facial skin gets a thorough cleansing treatment with a radiance peel to revive a dull complexion and RF deep galvanic currents to nourish and renew facial skin to be more supple, smoother and luminous.
Anti-aging Facial
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Recharge your facial skin with this painless non-invasive deep cleansing by using galvanic currents to clarify dull skin and dermal infusion with micro luminescence stem cells serum to moisturize fine lines and wrinkles. Then RF to lift up and contour your facial muscles. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage to complete your facial while the micro-electric currents firm the skin.
Luxury Futuresse Pearl Facial
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This exquisite facial treatment employs the power of Futuresse Signature products to treat the skin with the fascinating Pearl concentrate to give your skin a velvety soft look, further enhanced anti-aging and firming optimum result.
Nourishing Facial
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Suitable for all skin types, this treatment combines the use of radio frequency energy, marine elements and stem cells products with facial massage technique in stimulating blood oxygen circulation to encourage collagen production and deep nourishing. It reduces the appearance of facial pores; skin looks even-toned, radiant and feels softer and firmer.
Soothing Nourishing Facial
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Featuring a perfect blend of organic extracts and marine elements with high tech formulation to in-depth moist your skin, restore effectively reduce fine lines; improve skin elasticity, to give your skin a smoothing and nourishing complexion with a luminous glow.

Add Ons

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(Combine with Spa Treatments)
Futuresse Milk Essence Bath.
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A harmonious pampering bath ritual through the fascinating world of aromas and experience for all the senses. Indulgence in the tub filled with Futuresse Lotus Milk essence, Lotus essence extract and aroma oil to drift away your daily stress and hectic lifestyle. Futuresse bath ingredients have softening, moisturizing and relaxing properties that is best complimented with a facial or body treatment.
Aromatic Body Scrub
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A gentle yet effective scrub that helps to remove dead skin cells for deep cleansing, are designed to revitalize by enhancing circulation and new cells growth.

Urban Retreat aroma scrub: Harmony, Oriental Wood, Exotic Oriental, Invigoration
Invigorating Aromatic Bath
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Prior to your treatment experience, enjoy a luxuriating bath ritual soak prepared for you in one of our specialty VIP treatment room. Your bath will be especially drawn for you with added essential oils, marine detox active ingredients accordingly to your needs.

Urban Retreat aroma bath: Harmony, Oriental Wood, Exotic Oriental, Invigoration
Aromatic Body Wrap
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Research throughout the years has proved the effective aroma wrap treatment detoxifies and mineralizes dry, depleted skin. A good treatment to remove impurities as the rich minerals and natural elements penetrates the skin, to render healthy purification and deep hydration for a delighted sense of utter renewal.

Urban Retreat aroma wrap: Harmony, Oriental Wood, Exotic Oriental, Invigoration

Body Treatments

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Urban Retreat Signature Body Refreshing
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Signature eastern and classic spa combination therapy massages that work on the muscles and key meridians for a full body refreshing, relaxing and soothing treatment.
Lady Breast Care
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Traditional Chinese therapy massage to treat minor illness, removes blockages in milk glands and prevent soreness during pre menstrual syndrome.
Detoxifying Lymphatic
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A medium to strong full body manual manipulation massage that uses intense strokes and thumb to targets cellulite, fluid retention, uneven skin tone and lymphatic ducts using rhythmic techniques on the skin to stimulate the lymph and its return to the blood circulation system. At the same time flushes out the toxic wastes in the lymph nodes and increasing the volume of lymph flow, thereby helping to rid the body of toxins with a detoxifying cleansing body oil to improve your overall health and well-being. For best results, leave the oil on the skin longer to enhance better detoxifying in the body.
Aroma Foot Relaxer
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A relaxing foot massage that helps to enhances blood circulation and regulate internal organs functionability.
Traditional Acupressure Therapy
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Application of deep tissue acupressure and manipulation techniques to directly enhance the flow of Qi through the stimulation of the meridians.
Harmony by 2
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The ultimate subliminal treatment bodywork by 2 therapists working on a rhythmic and simultaneously to heighten your massage experience. Created to provide a sensory indulgence combined with a calming power of aromatherapy oils and tactile therapy.
Lady Ovary Maintenance
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Traditional technical manual massage created specially to treat those who suffer dampness of the womb and menstrual pain by using traditional herbs and plant oils to increase ovary vitality and virility.
Invigorating Lomi Lomi
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60mins/RMB580/ 90mins/RMB828/120mins/RMB1,098

A full body rhythmic massage by palm strokes, arms and elbows to loosen tense muscles especially the back muscles to stimulate blood circulation and toning for better mobility.
Energizing Hot Stone
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An uplifting treatment with volcanic stones to expels toxins wastes and blockage in the blood circulation. The deep heat from the stones stimulate blood circulation and restores body energy

Urban Retreat classic treatment

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Spa Relaxing Journey
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120 min/RMB918

Floral Footbath – Aromatic Body Scrub – Body Massage - Refreshment and Relaxation

A spa experience designed to deeply relax, soothe and distress your body and mind. This treatment combines a relaxing full body aroma massage to relax your fatigue body, follow by a soothing calming facial that heals and deliver comfort to the skin. Ideal to combat the effects of the environment and leaves you totally relaxed and refreshed.
Detox Journey
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120mins/RMB1, 268

Floral Footbath•Detoxifying Massage•Aromatic Bath•Refreshment and Relaxation

Spare some time for a relaxing spa experience in the privacy of your hotel room after a long tiresome journey or after a hectic day. We recommend to you, Urban Retreat Signature Body Refreshing massage, from the best of eastern and classic spa, a combination therapy massage that work on the muscles and key meridians for a full body refreshing, relaxing and soothing treatment. After that, you can enjoy a luxuriating bath ritual soak prepared for you to conclude your spa experience.
Spa Renewal
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120mins/RMB1, 268

Floral Footbath•Body Refreshing Massage•Facial•Refreshment and Relaxation

A truly reviving experience that commences with a soothing full body exfoliation to remove dried skin cells in stimulating new cells growth and follow by a hydrating body massage to nourish and re-energize your body and mind.
Oriental Exotic Spa Journey
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140mins/ RMB1, 288

Floral Footbath–Aromatic Body Scrub–Body Wrap-Body Massage - Refreshment and Relaxation

An exotic, luxurious and unforgettable spa journey of indulgence with oriental natural organic body scrub, softening body wrap and body massage using aromatic blend of essential oils to soothe the skin and totally relaxing
Jet Lag Recovery
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150min/RMB1, 368

Floral Footbath•Body scrub•Steam•Detoxifying Massage•Refreshment and Relaxation

Ideal for those suffering stress related and travel jet lag fatigue to relieve tight aching muscles and dry cabin air pressure. Begins with heat steam, follow by a body exfoliation to remove dry skin in preparation for your detoxifying massage specifically stimulates circulation on the lymphatic system t help purify the body, tone the skin and give your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Enchanted Spa Journey
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150mins/RMB1, 488

Floral Footbath•Aromatic Body Scrub•Body Massage•Aromatic Bath•Refreshment and Relaxation

A relaxing experience after a long tiresome hectic day to relieve your muscular aches and pains. We have specially tailored a full combination package from relaxing bath soak, full body exfoliation to remove dried skin cells and body massage that leaves you relaxed and refreshed.
Urban Perfect Harmony
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160mins/RMB2, 388

Floral Footbath–Body Massage – Lifting Facial - Refreshment and Relaxation

A harmonious spa experience through the fascinating world of aromas and senses with a relaxing aromatic full body massage and followed with a luxurious mini lifting facial with precious jade gemstone. A journey of total indulgence, relaxation and free your mind of stress.