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From the outside it can easily be seen, that The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna is comprised of four different buildings, with each a very distinctive architecture. The different building heights of the individual buildings cannot only be seen from the outside by looking at the different heights of the window, but are also the reason why the many stairways in the corridors now arise. All four buildings, mostly town palaces, were built between 1865 and 1871. The four Palaces were gradually put together by the “Giro Kreditanstalt”, a bank that has had its headquarters in the building for over sixty years. In former times, the buildings had only been four stories high and the fifth, sixth and seventh floors have been added subsequently. On 6th of September 2012, The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna opened its doors with a total of 202 rooms, including 43 suites.

Palais Gutmann

Built between 1869 and 1871
Architect: Carl Tietz
Owner: Sir Wilhelm Gutmann
Style: Italian Renaissance
The facade is inspired by the Palazzo Farnese in Rome

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Rental Palais Borkenstein

Built between 1869 - 1869
Architect: Friedrich Schachner
Client: Karl Borkenstein
Style: late phase Historicism
The building was built as a luxurious tenant-occupied house with several apartments

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Club Noble Casino

Built between 1866 and 1868
Architects: Johann Romano, Knight of Ringe and August Schwendenwein, Knight of Lonauberg
Style: Classicism with youth style elements
Planned and built based on the model of an English Elite Club

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Palais Ölzelt

Built between 1865 - 1866
Architect and owner: Anton Ölzelt
Style: Romantic Historicism
The most classical among the four palaces with a rich collection of paintings

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