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Like the city itself, meetings at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna are designed to engage the senses. This begins with the hotel's sleek meeting spaces and continues with its impeccable decor and catering. But it is the packages at this Vienna conference hotel that add a dash of the extraordinary.  With active, relaxing and mentally stimulating packages available, the hotel emphasizes meaningful experiences via activities that speak to the modern soul.

Half Day Package

  •  1 Coffee break
  •  Lunch buffet with one non-alcoholic beverage
  •  Use of conference room (up to 4 hours)
  •  1 flip chart
  •  Standard screen and projector
  •  Writing material with notepad and pens
  •  2 conference beverages
  • Customized signage for conference room
  • Ritz-Carlton Event Manager

Whole Day Package

  • 2 Coffee breaks
  • Lunch buffet with one non-alcoholic beverage
  • Use of conference room (up to 8 hours)
  • 1 flip chart Standard screen and projector
  • Writing material with notepad and pens
  • 2 conference beverages
  • Ritz-Carlton Event Manager

A minimum number of 15 attendees is required.

Let us support your meeting success by motivating your attendees with active elements. 

Your perfect start into the day

Let us support your meeting success by motivating your attendees with active elements. 

Activating Coffee Break

A 15-minute exercise for back and neck muscles stimulates blood circulation and brings back motivation and creativity.

Power final of your meeting day

Boxing and core work-out classes with a personal trainer are held to burn-off energy and clear the minds.

Let us inspire your meeting attendees to exceptional business ideas with revitalizing elements.

Your balanced start into the day

Start your day with a business yoga class, high over the rooftops of Vienna. 

Revitalizing Coffee Break 

Let us pamper your attendees with hand, back and neck massages that leverage the well-being of your guest to a maximum. 

Invigorating final of the meeting day

Let us spoil your attendees with personalized spa treatments that help them relax and top up their energy levels.

Let us strengthen the concentration of your meeting attendees through mental elements. 

Your focused start into the day 

Start your day with a mental training that combines sportive actions with goal setting exercises. The perfect preparation for a productive meeting day. 

Mental Coffee Break 

A 15-minute stretching exercise helps your attendees to refocus on your business targets and set them up for a successful remaining meeting day. 

Harmonizing finale of the meeting day 

Pilates classes support your attendees to reconnect body, mind and spirit and enhance the inner strength.