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Imperial Rose Ritual

An experience inspired by the Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sissi and Vienna’s famous Rose Gardens. This truly relaxing treatment works to re-balance the body. Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange oils are used to harmonize the mind while giving nourishment to the skin.

Cost 180 Euro | Duration 90 minutes

Deluxe Body Ritual

Give yourself the time to revitalize the body. Using natural healing aromatics combined with traditional massage techniques. This ritual brings about a truly holistic, restorative experience includes Body scrub, aromatic bath, massage.

Cost 180 Euro | Duration 90 Minutes

Ultimate Natural Anti-Aging Ritual

The optimum natural anti-aging ritual designed to counteract common lifestyle concerns which are so easily shown on our skin. This luxurious facial treatment will aim to tighten repair and restore a youthful glow which will result in a total rejuvenation ensuring you feel and look wonderful. The inclusion of highly effective ultrasound techniques optimizes the results of this extremely effective treatment.

Cost 260 Euro | Duration 120 minutes


Let us spoil you on this special day together with your best friend at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

  • Nourished Glow
  • Head Relief Massage Hot
  • Stone Melter Enhancement
  • Detox juice and detox snacks

2 persons I 2 hours I 490 Euro


Let us pamper your body and soul at The Ritz-Carlton Spa with an especially designed summer treatment arrangement. This spa ritual is the perfect way to satisfy your body's needs during the hot summer months.

  • De Luxe Body Cultivation
  • Alkaline Tailored Facial
  • Hair Conditioning Treatment Enhancement 
  • Summer trends make-up tutorial 
  • Detox juice

1 person | 3,25 hours I 420 Euro 


This treatment is especially designed for brides-to-be and her bridesmaid. Let us pamper you and prepare yourself for this important day with an elegant beautifying program.

  • Imperial Rose Ritual
  • Ultimate Radiance and Renewal Facial
  • Hair Conditioning Treatment Enhancement 
  • Rose decor
  • Champagne, fruit cocktail and cheese cake 

2 persons I 5,5 hours I 1.560 Euro


Are you looking for a special gift for your loved one? During this romantic spa ritual we enhance your wellbeing to a maximum. At the evening you enjoy a romantic candle light dinner At the Dstrikt Steakhouse.

  • Personalized Mineral Bath
  • Detox Oil Peeling 
  • Steam Bath
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stone Melter Enhancement
  • Romantic music, rose decoration, candlelight
  • Champagne, fruit cocktail, salad and tea
  • Dinner at Dstrikt Steakhouse Restaurant 

 2 persons I 4 hours I 1.040 Euro

Enhance this treatment experience and reserve your private coupe suite.

* Beverages at the Dstrikt Steakhouse are not included in the price.



The most elegant bachelorette party awaits you at The Ritz-Carlton Spa. Raise your glasses of champagne to your special ladies day, lean back, let yourself go and fully enjoy this relaxing wellness ritual.

  • Yoga over the rooftops 
  • Steam bath including peeling 
  • Custom Facial 
  • Make-up tutorial
  • Bottle of champagne and healthy snacks
  • Small surprise 

4 persons I 5 hours I 1.530 Euro