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Wedding Advisor

Wedding Planning Information
Make your dream wedding a reality with our expert wedding planning services.

Your wedding day is a special day in your life that you’ll never forget and a journey you and your spouse will begin as husband and wife. As friends and family gather to take part in the festivities you want everything to be perfect, all details are important, no matter how small. Let the wedding specialists at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna make your celebration extra special by coordinating every last detail of your day – from selecting the perfect wedding venue, managing vendors, choosing menu options, table linens and fresh flowers.

We understand that planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience. If you have very specific ideas about how you want your wedding to be ― the food, the mood, the style ―anything is possible at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna. We aim exceeding your expectations in every way.

How do I arrange my wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna?

Our Meeting and Special Events team will organize and coordinate all aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception to turn your vision into reality. Your wedding professional will:

  • Assist with etiquette and protocol for your ceremony 
  • Create a timeline for your entire wedding day 
  • Coordinate the wedding ceremony 
  • Recommend special event professionals to provide floral arrangements, music, photography and invitations 
  • Act as a menu consultant for all food and beverage selections 
  • Arrange and attend your menu tasting

What does The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna provide for weddings and receptions?
The Ritz-Carlton provides all food and beverages, tables and chairs, white table linens, specialty base plates and menu cards, silverware and glasses, a dance floor, and staging for your event.

Do you cater for more than one wedding per day?

At The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna we take care of only one wedding per day.

What do I need to know before contacting the hotel?
You should have your budget, estimated number of guests and a date. If possible, choose a couple of different dates in case your first choice is not available.

How much does a wedding cost if held at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna?
The cost depends primarily upon your tastes, preferences and budget as well as the time of year in which you choose to hold your event.

Any other suggestions for planning my wedding?
Create a wedding binder. Clip pictures from magazines, make notes about what you have liked at other weddings you have attended. This will help you select your flowers, cake, room décor and other special touches to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Are there minimum requirements for a wedding at The Ritz-Carlton?
Yes, a food and beverage minimum is required for all events in our private function rooms. These minimums are based on the event date, number of guests and the amount of space requested for the event.

Can you help me with my wedding cake?

We will be delighted to introduce you to our Pastry Chef, who will consult with you to provide the wedding cake of your dreams and to ensure your new life together gets off to a sweet start.

How do I choose the food for my reception?
Whether your reception is an intimate dinner or a lavish gathering, we offer a range of cuisines. From hors d’oeuvres and champagne cocktails to optional stations and gourmet buffets or formal dinners with plated selections and synchronized service, all options are catered. Your wedding professional will assist you with choosing from our extensive menu. A tasting will be scheduled to help you finalize your choices.

I/my guests have special dietary needs; what are our options?

We are delighted to offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes for any dietary need. Please do not hesitate to contact your wedding planner for more details.