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8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

This special lunch will have “beauty” and “health” as its theme. The plan includes a detox treatment and “Zen pasta,” a popular treat in Italy. You can spend a refreshing, healing time with ESPA’s treatments, then have a colorful and delicious “Beauty Lunch,” which our chef has created especially for this plan.

  • Healthy lunch serves from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. after your SPA treatment

SPA menu:

[YUKARI] Body Treatment 75 minutes

  • ¥26,000
  • Dry Brushing, Seaweed Body Wrap Mask, Head Massage, Body Toner

[MIYABI] Body Treatment 100 minutes

  • ¥38,000
  • Salt & Oil Scrub, Seaweed Body Wrap Mask, Head Massage, Body Massage

Healthy Beauty Lunch Menu

  • A vinegar cocktail
  • Bread with soft olive oil
  • Salad style yellowfin tuna and avocado with citrus-tomato jelly
  • Zenpasta, shrimp, and basil Genovese
    *Kaji chicken breast is available for additional ¥1,500

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge;
The price includes SPA treatment and lunch set;
We can issue gift tickets for this menu.

We would like to offer you three different plans, in which you can enjoy an ESPA spa treatment and Afternoon Tea with PIERRE HERME PARIS sweets. The Spa’s healing treatment combined with the techniques of British luxury spa brand ESPA will release fatigue and stress from both your mind and your body, and you can enjoy quality time to your heart's content. After the treatment, you can enjoy Afternoon Tea, including sandwiches made by the chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, as well as scones, sweets and cakes by PIERRE HERME PARIS, in The Lobby Lounge.

  • [KOTO] Hand & Foot Treatment 30 minutes / ¥13,000
  • [RIN] Body Massage 75 minutes / ¥20,000
  • [MAI] Body & Facial Treatment 100 minutes / ¥29,000

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge

Truly a revitalizing yet relaxing foot and leg treatment which will delightfully boost worn-out feet and tired legs using shea butter and rich balm with vitamin E that improves circulation and moisturizes the skin. Followed by a scalp massage, the full treatment leaves you completely relaxed. As an option, warm paraffin wax can be used to make your feet more nourished and silky smooth.

  • Perfect leg 40 minutes/ ¥14,000
  • Perfect leg with paraffin mask 40 minutes/ ¥15,000

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge

8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Diamonds, anyone? For the ultimate indulgence, The Ritz-Carlton Spa partners with Gemology to bring you a body and facial treatment that includes a 0.7 carat diamond to stage an unforgettable moment for the event.

The facial treatment uses products that contain genuine diamond powder and precious minerals extracted from fine gems, while diamond oil is used for the body treatment, both a first in Japan. Watch how cellulites on the skin surface are reduced leaving a smooth contour. Say yes to the marriage proposal and take home the 0.7 carat diamond.


For inquiry or reservation, please contact via email at or call (+81)-075-746-5554

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge

February 1 – August 31
The Ritz-Carlton Spa

The innovative scientific skincare cosmetic brand from Switzerland, “La Prairie” has now launched its “PT Rare Night Elixir,” and The Ritz-Carlton Spa is proud to offer an original, luxury treatment using this beautiful serum, containing platinum, for a limited time only. This treatment will rejuvenate your skin to the highest level, offered through the expert hands using products from La Prairie's top of the range Platinum Collection.

※Last spa treatment acceptance: 8 p.m.

¥50,000 (excluding tax)

For inquiry or reservation, please contact via email at or call (+81)75-746-5554

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge

From France, we are offering the finest “GEMOLOGY” body facial treatment using diamond oil, an original treatment course of The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto. The body massage using diamond oil promotes the skin to become firm and silky, eliciting relaxation with heated natural stones. How about rewarding yourself with this luxurious treatment?

75 minutes | 18,000 yen

Prices are subject to tax and 15% service charge.