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Social Responsibility

At the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, we have built a legacy of extraordinary service. This tradition extends into the Ritz-Carlton social and environmental responsibility program, Community Footprints, and inspires us to positively impact the lives of others.  We pride ourselves with our commitment to developing a more sustainable and greener future. Our team is always looking to reduce our ecological footprint by implementing new sustainability programs within our organization to reduce waste and find more ecologically friendly options.

The first mission statement, created in 1983, committed that "The Ritz-Carlton Hotels will be known as positive, supportive members of their community and will be sensitive to the environment." These principles have guided us well over the years, enabling us to make a meaningful difference in the communities around the world in which the Ritz-Carlton properties are located.

We have achieved this by improving the daily practices within our hotel in a variety of ways.

Our guest rooms offer the Diptyque range of products which are made from all natural materials. Beauty and hair-care products are provided in refillable containers to reduce plastic waste from individual packages. Guest rooms are cleaned with ecologically friendly and sustainable products eliminating the risk for water pollution and air pollution within our hotel. Guests are also welcomed with a green information card, providing information and encouraging them on how to make their stay more eco-friendly and the measures we are taking.

Maison Boulud, our onsite restaurant, sources 85% of their food from local sources, allowing us to reduce transportation emissions and ensure ethical sourcing. Compost is also encouraged in our kitchens in order to better manage food water. Both the hotel and Maison Boulud offer Cyro water, an eco-conscious alternative to bottled water, compostable straws made from banana peel and to-go containers made from compostable materials to reduce plastic waste.

In 2008, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal closed for renovations and we took advantage of this opportunity to improve energy efficiency. The building was re-insulated, improving energy performance and a smart AC system was installed that shuts off when windows are open. All lights have been converted to LED, reducing the need to replace bulbs and save energy. EV charging stations have also been installed in the parking garage to encourage guests and staff to invest in electric alternatives.

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal’s pool uses heat from the kitchen in order to warm the pool, reducing the energy needed from electrical pool heaters. It is also a salt water pool, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals such as chlorine.

We at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal are proud of our efforts and continue to place an importance on improving our sustainability measures.