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The following are highlights of the hotel’s environmentally-mindful features and practices:

  • The hotel building uses 30% less energy than a conventional hotel through use of ultra-efficient materials and the latest construction technology. On Saturday evenings, the hotel briefly dims its Lobby lighting in a salute to candle power and simpler, more energy-efficient ways of illumination.
  • Guest room air quality is optimized by circulating large amounts of outside air into rooms and suites, and interior use of low-emitting volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, adhesives, and carpets consistently reduces indoor air contamination.
  • Water usage is reduced by 35% by the use of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, saving approximately 700,000 gallons of water per year. Additionally, all irrigation for hotel plants utilizes captured rainwater from 1 Bank of America Center storage tanks.
  • More than 80% of the hotel’s construction waste was recycled, diverting 3,900 tons of debris from area landfills.
  • Leather products utilized in the hotel have been created with recycled leather. Additionally, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified sapele logs are utilized by the hotel – a rarity in the United States. This sustainable wood is used in multiple places throughout the property.
  • Regional vendors and artists are used by the hotel to reduce transportation and packaging for its celebrated art collection.
  • A Regeneration Suiting produce line (suits made out of recycled two-liter plastic bottles_ is used in uniform selection for various departments.
  • A comprehensive recycling program is visible throughout the hotel, and hotel-printed materials are produced on post-consumer waste recycled paper.
  • Meeting room tables were designed and constructed using recycled aluminum. Environmentally-friendly meetings are a standard at The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte.
  • A Natura® Water Filtration program is in place to provide and contain purified still and sparking water for meeting attendees. The system reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint by decreasing the energy and resources needed to transport, store, and dispose of plastic bottles. For individual guests, Prima water bottles are provided and are made from 100% plant materials.
  • The hotel conducts regular community activities focused on environmental conservation, including city clean-up projects and community recycling days for consumer electronics, used athletic shoes, and bicycles.  In honor of past Earth Days and Earth Weeks, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte has hosted local elementary school children and their chaperones for an organic lunch and environmental tour of the hotel and its green roof. Further property activities have included a city clean-up initiative by hotel employees, planting of green roofs on structures adjacent to the hotel’s own roof, operation of a community electronics recycling drive, and a regional farmers’ market open to the public and presented alongside the hotel on Earth Day.