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Planning Your Trip

As China’s biggest city and one of the most populous cities in the world with more than 24 million residents, Shanghai is a bustling metropolis with something to appeal to travelers from all corners of the globe. Whether visiting on business or to shop, stroll the Bund and tour the Yu Garden, here’s what to bring along.


Business Travel

Shanghai tends to be a relatively casual city in terms of everyday dress, but for business functions in this global financial hub, it’s wise to err on the side of formality.




  • For men, a traditional dark suit and tie is the most common mode of dress.
  • In some more casual environments, eschewing a suit jacket and just wearing a shirt and slacks is acceptable for men, particularly in summer.
  • For women, err on the conservative side — no low-cut blouses or loud patterns — and opt for lower heels or flats.

Exploring the City

There is so much to see and do in this sprawling city, from shopping along Nanjing Road to touring the Shanghai Museum. From your base in the historic Puxi neighborhood, here’s what to pack to experience it all in comfort and style.


  • You’ll likely spend quite a bit of your time walking through the City on the Sea to take in both its historic charms and modern wonders, so pack a pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Summer temperatures peak in the 80s in July, but air conditioning is plentiful, so wear layers and bring a light jacket or a shawl to put on indoors.
  • If you’re planning a night out for dinner and drinks, trendy, but not flashy, Western-style dress prevails.  

Day Trips

While there is much to do immediately around the hotel in the historic Puxi neighborhood, there are many exciting activities to be had just a bit farther afield. Bring these essentials if you’re planning to venture out of town.


  • Particularly with children in tow, a visit to the Shanghai Happy Valley Amusement Park is a must. If visiting in winter, be sure to bring a warm coat and hat as temperatures hover just above freezing.
  • A compact umbrella is a must-have both for a sudden shower as well as for the plentiful sun that abounds most of the summer months.
  • A chic, lightweight backpack is perfect for stashing a water bottle, a layer and perhaps light snacks if you’re planning on being out all day.  

Don't Forget:

If traveling on business, be sure to bring plenty of business cards to exchange at the beginning of all meetings. It is customary and polite to receive any business cards with both hands and read them immediately.  

There is so much to do and see in Shanghai from shopping and visiting ancient sights to enjoying unique activities like the Formula 1 Grand Prix and world-class dining. Consider ending a busy day of touring with a relaxing spa treatment at the hotel. Here are some activities you should plan in advance.

Dining Reservations

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Shanghai is known for its epicurean delights. Indulge in two of the city’s most exciting dining experiences by reserving tables at Portman’s Restaurant for multi-cultural plates featuring hand-selected cuts of Robbins Island Wagyu beef as well as premium seafood. Or sit down for a meal at Master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Chef Alan Wong’s eponymous restaurant and its unique dishes like abalone salad, an ahi “martini” or five-spice Iberico pork loin medallions.

Spa Appointments

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After a busy day of business meetings or touring the city, relax at The Portman Ritz-Carlton Spa, Shanghai — an idyllic oasis in the heart of the city. Arrange for a Detoxifying Lymphatic Treatment incorporating a full-body massage using intense strokes and thumb pressure to target cellulite, fluid retention, uneven skin tone and lymphatic ducts. Or indulge in an Oriental Exotic Spa Journey, which includes a natural organic body scrub followed by a softening body wrap and massage using essential oils.

Day Trips

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If you’re interested in getting just outside of town for a change of scenery, there are many exciting places to visit. The Anji Bamboo Forest is a stunning spot for a hike (it was the setting for many of the famed scenes from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”); Nanxiang is home to Yun Xiang, one of the biggest temples in Shanghai; Putuoshan island is a renowned Buddhist site; and Shengsi island makes for a lovely beach getaway.

Children’s Activities

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Children and families will find many exciting events to fill their days during a visit to Shanghai — from activities at the hotel to thrilling destinations just outside of the city. For a bit of adventure, plan a visit to Shanghai Disney for a visit to the Magic Kingdom or head to Shanghai Happy Valley — a renowned theme park for all manner of thrilling rides and roller coasters. Children are also offered exciting amenities upon arrival at the hotel, including a tent, LED lantern, compass, flashlight and other items to make each night feel like an urban safari.

Once nicknamed the “Paris of the East,” Shanghai has long been a cultural hub for visitors from around the world and, today, is one of the world’s largest metropolises with 24 million residents. The magic of the city is its diversity — not just in people. Wandering the bustling neon city, you’re met with futuristic skyscrapers that sit side by side with colorful ancient temples. Spend days browsing world-class art, dining on masterfully prepared traditional dishes and exploring the city’s many gorgeous parks and monuments. 


Cultural Treasures

A tiny fishing village turned metropolis, Shanghai has always been a colorful mix of East and West. The city is full of architectural feats: stunning ancient temples that retain their original beauty and modern skyscrapers that stop you in your track. Browse markets that sell handmade souvenirs, admire traditional dance performances and savor authentically made Shanghai delicacies.   



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24 Hours In

While there’s enough to explore in Shanghai for many days over, the best of the stunning metropolis can be experienced in a single day. Wake up early to enjoy the historically significant and fascinating cultural sites. Wander among the stunning architecture. Enjoy the many delicious regional dishes. And stay steps away from one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world at The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai.


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