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A Romantic Getaway

There’s something in the air in Kyoto. Perhaps it’s the perfect symmetry of the architecture, the natural scenery that looks like it’s straight out of a painting, or the fact it still moves at a remarkably leisurely pace. Whatever else it is, the city is undeniably romantic. Enjoy intimate dinners with unparalleled service. Marvel at well-preserved shrines that are humbling in their beauty and history. And take long walks through charming alleys full of cafés and boutiques. It’s the perfect destination for reconnecting with a loved one and creating memories that will last forever.



  • Indulge in a Wake-Up Pastry.

    Interestingly, Japan’s most historic and traditional city, Kyoto is known to be the best bread consumption prefecture in Japan. You will find a lot of bakeries when you walk around the city, especially in Kitayama district. Enjoy finding your favorite bakery and get inside. Beautifully presented pastries will welcome you. Grab a few with tea for a walk.

  • Stroll in the Gardens.

    Japan has some of the world’s most carefully tended gardens, and Kyoto’s 59-square-acre Botanical Gardens is no exception. View bonsais, lotus ponds and patches of peonies, but don’t miss the conservatory, where over 4,000 plant species thrive.

  • Explore One of Japan’s Most Old Shrines.

    Shimogamo Shrine is registered as one of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” by UNESCO. Located at the junction of the Kamo and Takano rivers, Shimogamo shrine is surrounded by an ancient forest, with trees as old as 600 years. It is lovely and cool in summer, and colorful in autumn. Explore to stroll amid the peaceful surroundings and soak up the ancient atmosphere.

  • Kyoto by Rickshaw.

    Since the Meiji period in the late 1800s, the rickshaw has been used for transportation all over Japan. Today, you have the opportunity to travel through time and experience age-old traditions dressed in a kimono. We have chosen some attractive routes for you to ride a rickshaw through the most authentic and beautiful old streets of Kyoto. This complete experience will bring you memories for a lifetime.

  • Have an Authentic Kyoto-Style Meal.

    Reserve a private room at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto restaurant, Mizuki. The chef prepares kaiseki — a multicourse dinner that is traditional to Kyoto. Courses at the carefully paced dinner range from miso grilled salmon to deep-fried tofu topped with bonito (fish) flakes.



  • Run Kyoto: Join Morning Exercise and Explore Kyoto

    Here’s a fun way to experience Kyoto’s natural and cultural beauty. We have mapped out several running routes that take you past a number of lovely Kyoto landmarks. In this activity, it’s not about the distance, or the speed, but the journey our General Manager and his team invite you to join. Enjoy Kyoto before the city wakes up.

  • Experience Arashiyama.

    Back in the 900s, the verdant neighborhood of Arashiyama was where royals went to unplug from society. Today, it’s still a beautiful retreat of towering bamboos. Immerse yourself in tradition and nature in Kyoto.

  • Dine in at a Tofu Restaurant.

    Kyoto is known to be a great vegetarian cuisine influenced by Buddhist and monk cultures. After explore Arashiyama by walking, why don’t you dine in at a tofu restaurant? You would fall in love with a subtle sweetness, delicate but refined taste of Tofu.  

  • Relax and Escape Civilization.

    After your little adventure in the morning, come back to our hotel and indulge in some relaxation. At The Ritz-Carlton Spa, let us take care of you with one of our numerous treatments including Ryokucha Serenity Ritual, Higashiyama Vigor, and Kyoto Bamboo Ritual at a special suite couple room.

  • Take in the Authentic Street: Pontocho.

    Just steps from our luxury hotel, you will find yourself in the authentic atmosphere alley with wonderful selections of cousin from inexpensive yakitori to traditional Japanese. Pontocho is known to be one of licensed geisha areas and designated for restaurants and bars in Kyoto area.  Dining experience at this narrow yet exotic street will add extra memories to your journey in Kyoto.

  • Explore the Bustling Gion Neighborhood.

    At night, the streets of Gion are lined with lanterns, geishas shuffle along the streets on the way to shows. Enjoy Japanese sake brewed in Kyoto at bars in Gion district.



  • Cycle Kyoto: Walk Through Endless Gates.

    One of Kyoto’s most photographed sites, the revered Shinto shrine of Fushimi Inari-taisha is known for its 10,000 or so bright red gates at the base of a mountain. Enjoy your morning cycling offered by our Guest Activities, and it’s not uncommon to spot foxes on your journey.

  • Explore Higashiyama’s Charming Alleys.

    One of the best-preserved neighborhoods in Kyoto, the historical district of Higashiyama sits at the foot of a mountain range and is covered in quaint buildings.

  • Admire One of Japan’s Most Majestic Temples.

    One of Japan’s most celebrated temples and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kiyomizu-dera gets its name — literally “pure water” — from the waterfall on the property, which is built into a steep cliff. Legend has it that visitors who walk to the sacred stones on the property will find true love.

  • Visit One of Japan’s Most Important Museums.

    Along with world-famous artists including Salvador Dali, Monet and Renoir, many Japanese masters view work at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, one of the country’s oldest institutions. Don’t miss the pond, a peaceful place to enjoy a cup of tea.

  • Shop for Design-Forward Souvenirs

    For the sort of simplistically engineered chairs, bowls and tea towels you associate with Japan, head to Kyoto Design House. The owners produce a line of traditional yet modern goods that are all crafted by local artisans.

  • Enjoy Japanese Traditional Arts and Performances.

    End your day in Kyoto with dances performed by Maiko and Geiko.  Kyo-mai is known to be born in Kyoto in the 17th century. You would have a breathtaking moment when you see their elegant yet powerful performances from beautiful Maiko and Geiko.