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From flower arranging to sake tasting, it’s easy for guests at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, to fully immerse themselves in the colorful world of Japanese culture, both modern and traditional, thanks to a string of authentic experiences on offer.

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Activities are arranged upon request and subject to availability. Reservation can be made until 3 days prior to the preferred date. All rates below include tax and service charge. Cancellation charges are applicable if activities are cancelled on the reserved day.

Five green bottles with labels in Japanese on a table with three glass dishes to the side

Sake Tasting

1 hour
JPY12,100 per person

Learn all about Japan’s famed national drink sake in a workshop that involves exploring how it is made as well as sampling some of the best brands. The event is led by a top class sake sommelier from our Japanese restaurant Hinokizaka and Bar.

Whisky Tasting

1 hour
Price available upon request

Enter the heady world of Japanese whisky with a tasting session that will teach you all about its history in Japan as well as how it is made – before sampling some of Japan’s finest premium labels.


1 hour

Keen on running? Wake up your body and enliven your day by joining one of our Tokyo runs & walks. We have mapped out several running routes around our favorite landmarks in the Minato area. All levels are welcome.


1 hour
JPY16,000 per person

Learn the art of Japanese flower arrangement t – known as ikebana – under the guidance of an expert teacher. From exploring ikebana’s Buddhist origins as 7th century altar offerings to examining its place in contemporary Japan, participants can also try their hand at making their own arrangement.

Shorinjiryu Karate

1 hour
JPY15,000 per person

Try one of Japan’s most unique forms of martial arts – Shorinjiryu Karate from Okinawa. The practice, which is deeply influenced by Chinese martial arts, is taught by an expert teacher who guides participants through elementary techniques and explains its philosophy.


1 hour
JPY17,000 per person

Wadaiko is the art of traditional Japanese drumming – as seen (and heard) at countless festivals, ceremonies and events even today. Guests try their hand, quite literally, at taiko drumming while also learning about other Japanese instruments and traditions


1 hour
JPY14,000 per person

Manga comics famously play a key role in contemporary pop culture in Japan. A professional manga writer takes you on a unique journey into the world of comics, offering rare insight into how they are made and their significance today.  

Senko Making activity


1.5 hours
From JPY14,000 per person

A pastime once enjoyed by court nobility, create your own original scent by mixing natural ingredients and shaping them into original pastilles of incense.

Kawaii Bento


2.5 hours
JPY21,000 per person

Roll up your sleeves and learn some tricks to turn a packed lunch into a delightful display of culinary cuteness. Also covered are makizushi handrolled sushi and other favorite Japanese dishes.

Authentic Ninja Experience


1 hour
JPY 16,000 per person

Delve into the old-time world of stealth espionage with descendants of the family who once served the Tokugawa shogunate. Learn the ninja arts of silent feet and stilling the mind.

Ritz Kids, Origami

1 hour
Complimentary for children aged 4-10

The art of paper folding known as origami is a popular pastime among many Japanese children, even today. Young guests can explore the world of all things origami – by learning how to make a crane out of paper, before taking their paper creations home as a souvenir.  

Introduction To Mineral Pigments

1.5 hours
JPY 6,000 per person

An art-making workshop organized by the art materials lab, Pigment Tokyo. Iwa-enogu (mineral pigments) is a type of paint that is made by pulverizing minerals, which is commonly used in Japanese painting. It allows you to create a sparkling, sandy-like texture that reflects light for a multidimensional effect. In this 90-minute course, participants will complete a painting of flowers using these jewel-like pigments.

Creating Original Paints

1.5 hours
JPY 6,500 per person

A paint-making workshop organized by the art materials lab, Pigment Tokyo. Paint is one of the main art materials essential for coloring artwork. In this 90-minute course, participants will learn about the origins of painting materials and create unique watercolor paints. Experience the classic Western paint-making method by using crystal muller on marble stone.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our concierge team will do all  we can to make your stay in Tokyo memorable. Feel free to consult us at any time during or prior to your stay  for  arranging transportation  and recommending the best local attractions. Take a look at our Concierge’s top recommended attractions in Tokyo.


Three times a year—in January, May and September—the Kokugikan plays host to national sumo tournaments. If you're visiting during these months, it is very much worth the effort of obtaining tickets.

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Miraikan is where visitors can explore a wide variety of science-related topics such as the global environment, space exploration and life science.  

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Surrounded by vast woods just steps away from Harajuku Station, Meiji Shrine is a serene and sacred place for quiet respite in the metropolis. Walking paths wind through the forested site. In addition to the shrine buildings, visitors can enjoy the inner garden famous for its June irises.  

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Toyosu opened on October 11, 2018 on the man-made island of Toyosu in the Bay of Tokyo. It  provides tourists with an opportunity to observe the market action and to dine at restaurants across its large, modern premises.

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Japan’s Pop Culture phenomenon has attracted so many fashion fanatics, entertainers, teenagers and famous musicians across the globe. Take a  trip to Harajuku and Shibuya, Tokyo’s popular shopping paradises and the epicenters of Japanese Pop Culture.  

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