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Planning your wedding can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. We hope this information assists you as you plan your special day.

What will I need to know before contacting the hotel?
First, know what matters most to you on your wedding day. In the beginning stages of the planning process, do not limit your dream in any way — our wedding specialists will be delighted to guide you in making your vision a reality. Next, we recommend that you have an idea of what your desired dates and estimated number of guests are.

Should I make an appointment to see the hotel?

You are always welcome to visit the hotel at any time; however, we highly recommend that you contact our wedding specialist in advance to set up a personal appointment. This will assist us in making prior arrangements so that we may better anticipate your needs.

Can I have my reception in the pre-function area?
Yes, your guests can enjoy welcome drinks at the pre-function area while waiting for the wedding dinner to commence.

Is there a specific time our wedding ceremony or reception must be held?
We do not have 'set' start and end times.

Do you offer inclusive wedding packages?
Each of our weddings is unique and special, and we take great pleasure in customizing all of the details to reflect the personal preferences of the bridal couple. We are delighted to provide you with an all-inclusive customized wedding package to reflect your particular needs.

Will we need a wedding coordinator to assist us with our plans?
Whether you have been planning your dream wedding since childhood or your research is just starting, we strongly recommend that you select one of the professional wedding coordinators from our referral list to assist you with your special day.

What services does a professional wedding coordinator provide?

  • Assists with etiquette and protocol for your entire wedding, including the ceremony, invitations and toasts
  • Creates a detailed timeline for your entire wedding day
  • Coordinates your ceremony rehearsal
  • Confirms call times and details with all vendors
  • Assists the bride and bridal party with dressing and accessories for
    the ceremony and reception
  • Coordinates the wedding ceremony and gathers all valuables upon conclusion
  • Assists with any additional needs throughout the entire process