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Spa Botánico

Spa Botanico

Spa Botanico Relaxation Area

“Spa Botanico is wonderland for well-being, reflecting a shared vision to create a transformative wellness experience infused by the healing power of nature.”

Tracy Lee, co-creator & advisor


A 100-year-old Ficus tree welcomes you at the Spa Botanico entrance. Its roots are deeply connected to the earth and its strength and beauty serve as an inspiration of longevity, health and endurance.  


In the not-so-distant past, communities on the island had healers known as “Manos Santas” or “Healing Hands”.  This tradition is the foundation of Spa Botanico which combines nature’s wild plants and herbs with the nurturing hands of our talented healers


The integration of nature is woven throughout the spa --- treatments are performed amidst the treetops and in pavilions hidden off meandering paths, an infinity reflection pool overlooks a pineapple garden, tropical outdoor gardens for soaking and indigenous ingredients are used in hand-crafted body scrubs and massage.  A wellness experience heightened and harmonized by nature.

Locally Inspired Treatments

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Brick-walled space with high ceilings and cardio machines


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