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Truffle foie-gras


As the Canary Island’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant and the first restaurant on the Islands to earn one, M.B has elevated the fine dining experience in Tenerife to an unprecedented level. The restaurant, led by chef Erlantz Gorostiza, takes diners on a journey that reaches back to childhood and carries them through to the future of gastronomy.

Rooted in Basque cooking but reflecting the restaurant’s international clientele, M.B specializes in tasting menus that include seven to eight appetizers and 10 dishes, many highlighting distinct Spanish cuisine. “We start with flavors that people are more familiar with,” Gorostiza says, “and give them a twist by changing textures, temperatures or flavors. You can expect a meal that’s tasty, powerful and fun.”

M.B offers what Gorostiza calls “author cuisine” because there is a person (in this case people; Martín Berasategui and Gorostiza) who seeks to translate what’s in their head and heart onto the plate. “In the end,” Gorostiza says, “you are creating a memory in a diner’s mind that, given the immediacy of today’s world, has limited capacity. That is the most beautiful part of our work.”