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Grand Cayman has an abundance of activities to engage guests of all ages when they want to explore beyond our 7 Mile Beach Resort’s boundaries, including: 
  • Swimming with stingrays at Stingray City
  • Exploring the mangroves on a guided eco-tour
  • Snorkeling the reefs 
  • Duty free shopping
  • Visiting the world’s only green sea turtle farm


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Stingray City
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15 minutes by boat
Locals chuckle when motorists ask directions to Stingray City, for you can only visit the home of Grand Cayman’s most famous residents by boat. Within this “city” in three feet of clear water, wild southern stingrays listen for the motor vibrations of the boaters who come every day to feed them their favorite snack of squid. These flattened out relatives of sharks are used to people, and gently and playfully glide around them. Travel time is about 20-25 minutes and visitors can go by catamaran, powerboat, large pontoon boats or other small vessels. Many charters include snorkeling along the less explored reefs of the North Sound.
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What is it about shooting plumes of water that bring out the kid in everyone? On the drive to East End is a spot where the ocean waves crash against the iron shore and into caverns below it. With a strong wind from the east, geysers spew up to 20 feet providing exciting drive-by drama.
Cayman Craft Market
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An open air marketplace on George Town Harbour is home to artisans plying old time Caymanian skills. Handcrafted thatch, leather shell and wood products are displayed alongside dolls, jewelry, traditional games and Cayman Tropical fruit-based hair and skin care products. Locally made delicacies move quickly and can include Cayman Sea Salt, Whistling Duck Farm jams and jellies and Hawley Haven Farm honey, jerk sauce and mango chutney.
Cayman Islands National Museum
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(345) 949-8368 / website
This 19th century structure has been used as everything from the courts building to town jail to the place for Sunday worship, so it’s quite fitting that Cayman’s relatively brief but resourceful history is recorded here. The museum contains more than 4,000 artifacts from the island’s natural and cultural history including coins, fossils, cat boats, documents, art and crafts.
Cayman Islands Turtle Farm: Island Wildlife Encounter
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(345) 949-3894 / website
Thousands of turtles ranging from new hatchlings to 500+ pound green sea turtles are the headliners but visitors will also meet sharks, blue iguanas, indigenous birds and even a crocodile. An active breeding program focuses on re-populating and studying the green sea turtle that once faced extinction, and guests can pick up yearlings that live in the touch tanks or even wade into a shallow pool with them. Watch sharks from both above and below water at the Predator Reef, see indigenous birds in a free flying aviary, traverse a tucked away nature trail and cool off in Cayman’s largest freshwater pool with two waterfalls and waterslide. The Turtle Farm is an educational immersion into Cayman’s culture and environment.
Island Glass Blowing Studio Ltd.
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(345) 946-1483 / website
Be amazed by the danger and beauty involved in the art of glass blowing. Watch as bowls, plates, glasses, jewelry and figurines of all sizes are sculpted and blown right before your eyes, with glass of temperatures of 2,050o F. Choose from pieces already crafted or have your own piece custom made within a matter of minutes. Take home a unique gift or souvenir for yourself, carefully wrapped for your journey home. The Island Glass Blowing studio is open seven days a week with demonstrations throughout the day.
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It’s an artificial reef, a shipwreck attraction, and a simply can’t miss experience for any diver or snorkeler. A decommissioned U.S. navy ship, the Kittiwake, was scuttled off Grand Cayman’s northwest shore in early 2010. It is already a thriving, shallow reef home to a multitude of fish, including one grouper who likes to admire himself in the mirror still hanging in the head of the ship.
Mission House
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(345) 749-1132 / website
This small home museum focuses on how early Caymanians lived and the island’s religious and educational history. The house is appointed as it was for accommodation for Presbyterian Missionaries and as a school in Cayman’s first capital, Bodden Town. Mission House is adjacent to the lovely Harry McCoy Public Park and a fresh water wetland and features a bird watching tower. Reservations are encouraged for this intimate look at Cayman’s history.
National Trust Visitors and Information Centre
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(345) 749-1123 / website
Located on the grounds of the Dart Family Park on South Church Street, the National Trust offers information on its historic sites and programs including the Mission House, the Mastic Trail, walking and bird watching tours and cooking classes. The Trust also sells local crafts, books, bird watching cards, note cards, souvenirs and apparel relating to Cayman’s history and environment.
Pedro St. James
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(345) 947-3329 / website
The Pedro St. James “Castle” is really an elaborate great house built by Englishman William Eden in 1780. The three-story structure earned its nickname as it towered above the most traditional 18th century Caymanian homes made of waddle-and-daub. The grounds include original outbuildings, Caymanian cottages and several gardens as well as dramatic views from the bluff on which the property is perched. Today Pedro St. James is Cayman’s oldest building and is celebrated as the birthplace of democracy in the islands.
Rum Point
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Upon arriving at Rum Point, visitors feel as if they’ve stepped into a Jimmy Buffet song. Calm, shallow waters, reaching docks, volleyball nets, shaded shores, swinging hammocks and of course tropical cocktails. The eponymous bar and grill offers lounge chairs alongside its shaded candy coloured picnic tables; don’t bring your own provisions if you plan to partake in its hospitality. Restrooms, changing facilities, showers, shops and a water sports operator are all onsite.
The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
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(345) 945 - 8111 / website
 Having recently moved into a new 9,000 square foot building near Camana Bay, the National Gallery is promoting Cayman’s young yet vibrant visual arts scene with enhanced vigor. Featuring permanent exhibits including the National Collection and up to six rotating shows featuring Caymanian art, the National Gallery also occasionally hosts international artists. Take home an artistic reminder of your Cayman visit from the Gallery’s inspired gift shop.
The Observation Tower
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(345) 640-4000 / website
A bird’s eye view of Grand Cayman awaits atop the 75-foot Observation Tower, located in the town of Camana Bay. One of the island’s tallest structures, it offers 360-degree views across Seven Mile Beach, George Town, the North Sound and beyond. The Tower is open from sunrise until 10 p.m. (subject to weather conditions). Just as impressive as the view is the journey to get there via a double helix staircase, climbing alongside a floor-to-ceiling mosaic depicting Cayman’s reefs and marine life. Guests can also take an elevator to the top, stopping on each floor to take in the view.


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Dart Family Park
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Cayman has many lovely public parks with playground facilities but this waterfront oasis right outside of George Town is worth seeking out. The National Trust Visitors Centre is onsite and its guides to Cayman’s native trees and plants can be put to immediate use in the lushly landscaped grounds. The park boasts slides and climbing frames, secluded picnic spots, numerous cabanas and an amphitheatre. Children enjoy looking for crabs and other critters in the iron shore tide pools.
The Blue Iguana
Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
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(345) 947-3558 / Website
A 45-minute drive from Seven Mile Beach, the park is designed around a series of lakes and diverse gardens: vibrant color gardens brimming flowers including a wide array of orchids, a traditional conch and sand gardens with a 100-year old traditional Caymanian cottage and a mile long woodland trail lined with every species of endemic tree and plant. Visitors will see Cayman’s national flower, tree and bird (Banana Orchid, Silver Thatch Palm and Cayman Green Parrot) as well as the park’s most famous and mysterious residents: the endangered Blue Iguana. Dozens of these prehistoric looking creatures, which can grow up to five feet in length, roam the park while their relatives live inside the Blue Iguana Recovery Project breeding facility on the park grounds. This National Trust program has successfully rescued the endemic iguanas from the brink of extinction and has released hundreds of blue iguanas back into the wild.


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Atlantis Submarines
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(866) 546-7820 / website
A 10 minute drive takes you to the voyage of a lifetime on Cayman’s only real submarine. This unique adventure is the ideal way to visit our underwater world without getting wet. The 50-foot Atlantis submarine will take you down to a depth of 100 feet in air-conditioned comfort. Day or night, take an extraordinary journey through a kaleidoscope of living color into the magnificent world of coral reefs and spectacular marine life for which the Cayman waters are famous. On a submarine night dive, the submarine’s 10,000-watt lights will illuminate the creatures, corals and nightlife colors of Cayman’s famed coral mountain.
Cayman Islands Helicopters
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(345) 943-4354 and (345) 525-6967 / website
Cayman Island Helicopters is here to provide visitors and locals with exciting tour opportunities previously. The fleet consists of a Euro-copter 350 B2 Helicopters. They provide nothing but the best in aircraft, equipment, safety and comfort. Choose between three of the unique and breathtaking tours of the beautiful Caribbean paradise. Tours include Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City and an Island tour.
Camana Way Botanic Trail
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(345) 640-4000 / website
Along the route leading from West Bay Road to the town of Camana Bay is a botanical journey through five of Grand Cayman’s distinct ecosystems, from the Caribbean beaches to the mangrove wetlands adjacent to the North Sound. Originating near Seven Mile Beach, Camana Way is a 30-foot wide landscaped boulevard populated with over 100 different native and indigenous plant species. Stone-paved ‘garden rooms’ offer moments for relaxation.
Grand Cayman Motor Museum
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(345) 947-7741 / website
Home to an impressive collection of Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and Rolls Royces including those owned by The Queen, Elton John and from the Yellow Rolls Royce film. The Motor Museum also boasts the original Batmobile. You’ll also find pristine vintage motorbikes and a charmingly incongruent collection of antique coffee grinders presented by Peugeot.
Interactive Fountains
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(345) 640-4000 / website
The interactive fountains in Camana Bay provide a beautiful backdrop for leisurely moments and are a fun way for youngsters to cool off from the hot sun. In Jasmine Court, a playful fountain teases toddlers with gentle sprays and colourful lights, while custom-designed bubble benches and shady trees allow parents to relax nearby. On The Crescent overlooking The Harbour, a fountain with skyward bursts reaching 30 feet high delights older children and greets visitors arriving by boat.
Mastic Reserve and Trail
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(345) 949-0121 /  website
Visitors who are truly passionate about nature can experience the Mastic, a deep forest trail that is one of the few untouched woodland areas remaining on Grand Cayman. Located about 50 minutes from Seven Mile Beach, the two-mile Mastic Trail presents hikers with a vast array of woodland species whose evolution has been untouched by man for millions of years: banana birds, West Indian woodpeckers, Cayman parrots, Cuban tree frogs and numerous species of bats, butterflies, hermit crabs, lizards, iguanas, geckos and snakes (not to worry - none are poisonous). Sheltered by rare trees including Cedar, Mahogany and Mastic for which it is named, the trail also features Black Mangroves and the sturdy national tree - the Silver Thatch Palm. Tip: The terrain is flat but heat, humidity and absence of breeze can make the trek challenging. Explore the Mastic only with the National Trust’s knowledgeable experienced guides.
Nautilus Semi-Submersible Boat
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(345) 945-1355 / website
Not ready to trek 100 feet below sea level? Take a short drive from the resort to George Town where you will board the Nautilus. This impressive semi-submersible submarine glides through the water as you see a large variety of marine life, the cheeseburger reef and two of Cayman’s mysterious shipwrecks. Watch as divers hand feed fish right outside of your window from air conditioned comfort. The one-hour tour complete with marine expert to educate you of the wonders of the deep is sure to leave you in awe.
Sea Trek
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(345) 949-0008 / website
Have the experience of a lifetime and walk underwater. Sea Trek is the world’s premier helmet diving attraction. The helmet allows you to walk and breathe underwater while exploring the deep without even getting your hair wet. Only a short boat ride or drive from the resort and you will be ready to walk 26 feet below the surface for an hour with a trained guide. No swimming skills or previous training needed.


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Camana Bay
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(345) 640-4000

Just five minutes from the resort, the town of Camana Bay is Grand Cayman’s newest shopping destination, offering an eclectic mix of local retailers and desirable international brands rarely seen in the Caribbean. Discover the latest fashions for men and women, Caribbean-inspired resortwear, swimwear and accessories, duty-free watches and designer jewellery, luxury skincare and cosmetics, bestselling books, educational children’s games and more. For luxuries, necessities or just for fun, the shops of Camana Bay offer something for everyone, all in one convenient location with ample parking and the latest opening hours on Grand Cayman.
Cardinal Avenue
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Cardinal Avenue is the home of many duty-free shops and is the heart of George Town’s main shopping district. You’ll find Kirk and Cartier, along with clothing boutiques and galleries specializing in local artwork.
Galleria Plaza
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Just seven minutes from the resort and nicknamed Blue Plaza for its teal chroma, Galleria Plaza features several galleries and moderate souvenir shops offering T-shirts and swimwear. The Plaza is located on West Bay Road and consists of stores such as Book Nook selling books, gifts toys and games), the Body Shop and Wine Cellar.
Governor's Square
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Take a five minute walk from the resort to Governor’s Square to find some of the most popular stores amongst our guests. For tropical must-haves and some of Cayman's most creative and coveted fine jewelry, there is Balaclava. Funky Monkey offers fun and unique active wear that are also highly liked, along with the island famous Tortuga Liquor store.
Kirk Freeport Plaza
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(345) 949-7477 / website
Visit any one of the dozens of duty free shops which offer jewelry, perfume and designer watches. The extensive jewelry selection includes watches from Piagot, Tag Hauer and Rolex, as well as rings and necklaces from Lagos, Roberto coin and Cartier. In addition, the Kirk Freeport Plaza carries premium leather products, china, and rare pieces of crystal. Kirk Freeport is a name you will become very familiar with by the time you’re ready to leave Cayman.
Pure Art Gallery and Gifts
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(345) 949-9133 / website
Just a few minutes out of central George Town, this petite old-Caymanian-styled house has artwork that will allow you to take home your own piece of Cayman’s culture. Some of the products you may find include mosaic mirrors, original paintings, one-of-a-kind greeting cards and a room designated for handmade Christmas ornaments with a bit of island flair.
The Strand Shopping Centre
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Just less than five minutes from the resort (and a 10 minute walk), this mall has an array of different stores. You can find Kirk Freeport (this particular branch known for its china and crystal, from Kosta Boda to Baccarat).
West Shore Center
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Conveniently located on West Bay Road and about a 10 minutes drive from the resort, the West Shore Centre, “the pink mall” boasts a variety of unique boutiques and galleries. Shops include a range from Havana Club (cigars & souvenirs) to Java Wraps (beach wear).


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Red Sail Sports
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Cayman’s premier full service dive and watersports company offers leads several dives a day around the islands’ more than 365 dive sites as well as diving instruction, resort courses and a full range of gear. Red Sail’s majestic catamarans take guests on sunset sails along Seven Mile Beach, on excursions to Stingray City or out to Rum Point for dinner or a day relaxing on the beach.
Captain Marvin’s
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Cayman’s original Stingray City tour operator, Captain Marvin’s has been taking guests on snorkel trips to visit its famous residents for 60 years. Their seamen also offer half and full day fishing trips to the reef or out to sea.
Cayman Private Charters
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With a fleet of six powerboats and yachts, Cayman Private Charters offers both customized charters and regularly scheduled boat trips. Activities include Stingray City, snorkeling, fishing, diving, sunset cruises and dinner cruises.