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Innovative, fashionable and defiantly cool, Arola is relaxed and chilled. Styled in shades of blue with white interiors, highlighted with touches of turquoise and violet, the décor is the epitome of Mediterranean chic with central circular tables given added privacy by a curtain of translucent aluminum. Diners will be able to view the kitchens from both the bar and the lounge or may just relax completely on the terrace in the summer. During dinner, music will be mixed by the resident DJ offering a combination of funk, jazz and soul with occasional live entertainment.

Arola’s menus offer a creative and contemporary twist to Portuguese cuisine, mixing tradition and heritage with his inimitable modern approach. Like his mentor, Arola seeks to give diners unexpected contrasts of flavour and texture with the ultimate aim of provoking, surprising and delighting its guests.

For bar aficionados, the Bar and Lounge Area is distinctly sleek with crisp, clean lines, eclectic fabrics and innovative lighting. Relaxing and sophisticated, there will be a wide range of cocktails, wines and beers available to suit even the most discerning palate.