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Escape to our hotel spa in Portugal where the natural tranquility of the Sintra Mountain inspires a soothing route to renewal and total well-being. Our 1,500-square-meter Spa is the new body temple that offers a wide range of the most sophisticated therapies and treatments tendered with a holistic and meditative approach

The Spa includes two relaxation areas, nine treatment rooms and a suite reserved for those who prefer more privacy. Within the stunning gardens is a Jacuzzi, a contrast pool and a three-meter waterfall. There is also a platform over the pool for the practice of Yoga, Qi-Cong and two gazebos for meditation and treatments such as Shiatsu.

Find Serenity in Penha Longa Spa

For more information on treatments and Spa facilities, please contact the Spa directly at (351) 21 923 96 50 or

Opening Hours Details
Open every day from: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.


“Open up to the idea of a 100% luxury golf experience”

The latest innovation in outstanding therapeutic massage; relieves tension, soothes muscle soreness, improves flexibility, eliminates stress and restores energy to body and mind. This lavish ritual relaxes your muscles from head to toe through an amazing therapeutic massage that uses golf balls to improve circulation and reduce joint pain. The result is skin that is totally revitalized, smooth, firmer and supple, ensuring complete rest.

60 minute | 100 €

Especially designed for golf players, this unique therapeutic massage relieves tension, soothes muscle soreness, improves flexibility and restores energy. The benefits of hot thermal mud, camphor and menthol will induce you in a full wellbeing, increases circulation and reduce muscle spasms to help prevent injury and improve quality of repetitive motion of the golf swing. Can be applied before or after golf as a way of preparation or incrementing a fast muscular recovery.

50 minute | 100€

Focus on realigning the deeper layer of muscles and connective tissues. It works by physically breaking up adhesions in the muscle to relieve pain and helps to restore proper movement. Improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, and create relaxation.

50 minute | 135€

Specially designed for golf players, this massage applies direct pressure to specific tender areas of a muscle to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension. These therapy techniques improve body flexibility and restore balance to body and mind, leaving you free from tension and tight muscles.

25 minutes | 60€

The full golf swing rotates the spine with a great deal of force and little control, leaving the structures in the lower back particularly open to injury. This type of massage, specially designed for golf players, usually leads to an immediate release of tension, improved muscle functioning and increase freedom of movement.

25/50 min |  60/95€