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Colony Bakery offers an assortment of freshly baked breads alongside a delightful spread of pastries, chocolates, cakes and seasonal goodies. Bespoke hampers can be personalised upon request.

Our signature Upper Crust is a combination of a cookie crust and a muffin base. Popular as a mid-day snack, delight in our evergreen flavours such as Banofee and PB&J.

Upper Crust of the Month

Vanilla muffin with ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian filling, topped with a dark chocolate cookie

Signature cakes, handcrafted for every occasion.

Prepared fresh daily, our salad bowls and healthy sandwiches
are light and tasty – the perfect power lunch.

Crafted using the finest chocolate, savour artisanal chocolate barks, pralines and bon bons that will win over the hearts of cocoa lovers.

Fuel up in the mornings with freshly baked breads, quiches and pastries.

Should you need to place an order, please contact (65) 6434 5288 or email