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Planning Your Trip

Nestled in the tranquil Sintra Mountains near Lisbon, Portugal, this retreat dates back to the 14th century, when both hermit monks and Lisbon royalty called the area home. Today, guests can relax with a round of golf or day at the spa or by exploring the Estoril coast. Here’s what to bring to experience it all.

Summer Escape

In summer, temperatures tend to hover around a comfortable 75 degrees Fahrenheit with sunny skies — ideal for making the most of the outdoor activities in the Sintra Mountains or the 545-acre national park. Be sure to pack these essentials:


  • Bring a comfortable pair of shoes for exploring the grounds, whether it’s the resort’s on-site labyrinth or for trekking along the Historical Circuit — a 60-minute hike that passes important sights from the 16th to 19th centuries like royal apartments, the monastery and several gardens.
  • Just 10 minutes from the resort are the tranquil waters of Estoril Coast. Bring a bathing suit to soak up the sun or, for the kids, to learn to surf on the calm waters. The bathing suit will also come in handy at the resort’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • While temperatures remain comfortable year-round, it’s still wise to bring a hat to protect against the sun, which is strong during summer. Also be sure to bring sunscreen.      

Winter Vacation

Even in the depths of winter, temperatures tend not to dip much below 55 degrees, meaning all the fantastic outdoor adventures available at Penha Longa are accessible year-round. Just bring a few additional items to be prepared for a slight chill:


  • Bring a pair of tennis shoes to make the most of the lower temperatures by playing a few rounds of tennis, squash or padel.
  • Explore nearby Sintra and its historic gems like the colorful Pena Palace or the ninth-century Moors Castle, just be sure to take a jacket to be prepared as the temperatures dip.
  • Rain can creep up unexpectedly during winter, so be sure to bring a raincoat and umbrella.
A golf cart rides along a path overlooked by ruins

Golf Getaway

Pack wisely to explore all three of the circuits at the property’s famed golf course — one of the top 30 in Continental Europe and host to the Open de Portugal.





  • Particularly in winter, it’s wise to bring a pair of waterproof golf shoes in case the turf is a bit wet.
  • While it is possible to rent demo clubs at the course, consider bringing your favorite clubs along with you.
  • Set in the hills, the views are impressive, so bring a pair of sunglasses to avoid squinting in the sun — and to more easily track your ball off of the tee.

Don't Forget:

For sightseeing, bring a pair of long trousers and a shoulder-covering top. Shorts and shoulder-revealing shirts are not recommended inside some churches and religious sites.  

This circa 14th-century estate has so much to offer beyond its impressive history. Take in a round of golf (or three), relax at the spa, enjoy a world-class meal or explore the nearby national park. Just be sure to reserve a few experiences in advance to make the most of your visit:

Dining Reservations

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With eight restaurants on-site, there is a multitude of fantastic dining options. But one stands out above the rest: the LAB by Sergi Arola, a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring three distinct tasting menus as well as a la carte options and a world-class wine menu with more than 550 selections. Perch at one of the coveted 22 seats and watch as the chefs prepare dishes like a classic coll verd duck tartare, ray wings roasted in herbs butter and pigs’ feet, or jaquinzinhos roasted with vermouth, seaweed gnocchi and caviar.  

Spa Appointments

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Begin a day of relaxation in the spa’s gardens, where guests will find a soaking tub, contrast pool and waterfall as well as serene gazebos for meditation. Next, make an appointment for a relaxing treatment like a facial or shiatsu massage. Of particular note is the suite of services designed for golfers, including the Golfer’s Recovery massage that employs hot thermal mud, camphor and menthol to soothe aching muscles.

Children’s Activities

In addition to the myriad activities available in the games room (like foosball, darts and Xbox), the resort’s youngest guests can partake in swimming or golf lessons, cooking workshops, horseback riding, DJ lessons, and even spa appointments specifically for guests 16 and older.

Day Trips

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The resort is nestled in the 545-acre national park, so there are ample activities within the grounds. But for those looking to go a bit farther afield, consider a drive to the nearby Estoril Beach for sun and surf; a day touring through the historic town of Sintra with the stunning Pena Palace, National Palace and Moors Castle; or take a quick jaunt to Lisbon for a whirlwind tour of the coastal capital city.

With centuries-old palaces and gardens tucked amid acres of picturesque wooded hills and mountains, it’s easy to see why authors and poets have fallen in love with Sintra, Portugal. (Byron referred to it as a “glorious Eden.”) Penha Longa Resort sits ensconced amid the 545 acres of this extraordinary protected parkland, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape. Visitors will be enchanted by this fairy-tale land’s historic sites, while its more modern destinations — beautiful beaches, a Michelin-star restaurant, award-winning golf courses and a world-class spa — help ensure the stories always end with “happily ever after.”

Family Fun

The protected parkland around Penha Longa Resort contains so many historically notable sites that it earned UNESCO’s first World Heritage Cultural Landscape designation. 


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Countryside Pleasures

Penha Longa Resort and the town of Sintra are nestled amid a forest preserve peppered with castles and convents that once served as home to Portuguese royalty, hermitical monks and even Neolithic communities.


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Edible Adventures

Palaces and castles, fairy-tale forests and dramatic cliffs: Those are the images that first come to people’s minds when they think of Sintra. But this otherworldly UNESCO-listed destination is slowly gaining recognition for another of its gems: rich gastronomy.


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